Lucky Winner: Red Raven Studios

Man oh man. Reading this past week’s giveaway entries sponsored by Red Raven Studios really got me geared me up for flip flops and fresh air. As for Scott (not your typical flip-flop-wearin’ type of guy), well, he was eagerly awaiting the big window wash down of 2010. Unfortunately, this past weekend found old man winter rearing his head into our fair city, and we found ourselves trapped by wet, heavy snow. We’re crossing out fingers that was the last of it for now (Chicago’s always gotta have the last laugh), and maybe we’ll be spritzing down the windows this weekend. Toes crossed, too.

But as for the rest of you folk who enjoyed the recent sunny days (Facebook can be cruel with it’s minute by minute gossip, you know), I’m hoping you got to live up to some of your “springy” rituals: flower picking, dress shopping, closet purging, and yes, flip flop wearing. And lucky for you, Red Raven Studios is about to make one of your days even brighter.

So to help inject that extra little dose of “spring” in your step (who still needs the help? I do!), Red Raven Studios generously offered up a handmade  chic birdie pendant and pair of orange blossom post earrings. Who was so lucky?…

…Ann, whose favorite “get ready for spring” ritual is getting her hands dirty and planting some big, colorful pansies in the pots on her front porch (Oh, it’s times likes this when we wish we had a sliver of a porch in the city!). Congrats, Ann! And one heckuva thank you goes out to the lovely Amy over at Red Raven Studios! How very sweet of you.

First images courtesy of Red Raven Studios.

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