The Smartest Garage Door Opener We’ve Ever Used

This post is sponsored by LiftMaster®. Garage door openers have come a long way in the last few years, and we’re walking through how we’ve integrated the LiftMaster Secure View opener into our smart home.

A husband and wife sit on a blue workbench in a tidy garage with a new red Liftmaster garage door opener // via yellow brick home

When we first painted and organized our garage many years ago, we also purchased a new door and a simple chain drive LiftMaster opener. It felt like such a luxury to have a garage door and opener that actually worked (as opposed to opening the door by hand and propping it up with a 2×4 if we needed to allow light in)!

A close-up of a black Liftmaster garage door opener // via yellow brick home

That opener was a workhorse that performed flawlessly over the last few years. But as our smart home system grew – and as our garage was revamped yet again! – we wished for an opener that was as smart as the rest of our home. Enter the LiftMaster Secure View smart opener! This bad boy has more features than we ever thought possible in a garage door opener and backs it all up with great looks to match. Once the unit is installed, simple wifi setup and smart features are all controlled through the free intuitive myQ app. It’s as simple as a few taps!

Our Favorite Features

Below, we’re sharing a video that highlights the installation and our favorite features. Note: You can also watch this video on YouTube right here

A Quick + Efficient Installation

Our installer from Crosstown Door worked efficiently and had the new unit up and running in about an hour and a half. Compared to the old chain-driven system, the belt drive on the new unit is so quiet that it’s hard to even tell that the door is operating.

A brand new Liftmaster Secure View garage door opener is ready to be installed // via yellow brick home
A technician prepares to install a new Liftmaster smart garage door opener // via yellow brick home

Like most Chicago homes, our garage is detached from our living space, so noise inside the home isn’t much of an issue. We can only imagine how much a difference this reduction in noise would make if the garage was directly adjacent to a bedroom or living space!

A technician installs a new Liftmaster smart garage door opener // via yellow brick home

Our Secure View opener also included all necessary sensors and wires for a brand new installation. Even though the existing wiring in our garage was only a few years old, our installer insisted on replacing all of it to do the job 100% correctly. We appreciated the thorough approach where it would have been easier to skip this step!

A technician in gloves wires a new Liftmaster smart garage door opener // via yellow brick home

Our Smart Control Panel

The final step of the install was the connection of the smart control panel. It’s packed with intuitive features that just make sense. (How novel!) Our former keypad was about as simple as a standard doorbell, but this panel features an integrated clock, thermometer and multiple programmable functions – all while providing the same ease of use as our opener of yore.

A technician installs the smart key pad for a new Liftmaster garage door opener // via yellow brick home

It Keeps Us Safe

Have you ever left your home in a hurry, only to get a text from a neighbor asking: Um, did you mean to leave your garage door open? I’ll wait while every one of us raises a hand. (Ha!) Through our myQ App, we scheduled our new opener to automatically close the garage door a few minutes after opening. If we simply forget to close the door when we leave in the morning, it automatically shuts behind us! On the other hand, if we’re working in the garage and want to keep the door open, there’s a one touch ‘hold’ button on the smart control panel that keeps the door up indefinitely.

A Liftmaster Smart Control Panel installed on a white garage wall // via yellow brick home

Built-In Camera + Key by Amazon

The opener performs its main function of operating the garage door flawlessly, but it also packs in some serious video technology! The Secure View is the first-ever garage door opener with a built-in, 140-degree wide-angle HD camera that begins recording video any time motion is detected – even at night. It also allows for two-way audio to chat directly with delivery drivers or a neighbor that needs to stop by to borrow a ladder. And all that video? It can be streamed live or stored to the cloud to be viewed later. This all takes place through the myQ app on our smartphone, so we can open, close and monitor our garage anytime, from anywhere!

The camera of a liftmaster secure view garage door opener is adjusted by a man's hand // via yellow brick home

myQ connectivity also allows the unit to work with Key by Amazon for In-Garage Delivery, which enables secure, contactless delivery for Amazon Prime members! Who could predict that it would be the humble garage door opener that would contribute to ending the fight against missing packages, soggy rained-upon boxes or lightweight foam mailers blown away by the breeze? (LiftMaster obviously did!) And, with the integrated camera we can watch our deliveries happen in real-time through the myQ app.

Wifi + Smart Phone Control

As weather permits, we leave the car in the garage and ride our bikes as often as possible. Before the Secure View opener was installed, leaving and entering the garage was always a bit tricky. Since we didn’t have the ability to close the door from outside the garage, our only way out was to push button by the entry door and sprint to jump over the sensor beam before the door could fully close. It was all very reminiscent of Indiana Jones and probably not the safest thing in the world.

A liftmaster secure view garage door opener in an all white garage // via yellow brick home

Now, as we leave or return by bike, we simply open the myQ app, tap once to open or close the door and we’re on our way! This simple, but incredibly useful, option makes running errands by bike simpler than ever and helps us avoid short trips in the car.

An iPhone is used to control a Liftmaster smart garage door opener // via yellow brick home

In addition to being able to open and close the door from our phones, the myQ app also provides alerts if we would happen to forget to close the door. Since we store tools, bikes and outdoor gear in our garage, this brings us a lot of peace of mind that we didn’t know we were missing.

A man in a blue windbreaker shakes with a brown pit bull dog in a tidy garage with bikes hanging on the wall // via yellow brick home

The Secure View garage door opener is the absolute perfect addition to our ever-evolving smart home system. The integrated camera and monitoring capabilities keep us aware of what’s going on in our multi-use garage regardless of whether we’re home or away. On top of that, CC approves, which is always cause for a high five!

Thank you to LiftMaster for sponsoring this post, and thank you for supporting the ones that support us! We’re using the LiftMaster Secure View Wi-Fi Garage Door Opener with Camera for peace of mind and secure, contactless in-garage deliveries.

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