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How Will You Celebrate Mother’s Day This Year?

This year, Mother’s Day will look a little different for all of us. So in the spirit of staying positive, we’re rounding up a simple, attainable list of activities to enjoy this weekend.

Kim and Lucy give each cuddles in the kitchen, Lucy wears her favorite Penguins jersey and Kim wears a rainbow skirt | via Yellow Brick Home
toddler jersey | skirt | acorn bowl | toaster

Mother’s Day is this weekend (what! how!), and Scott has allowed me to claim the whole weekend as my own, since my birthday is also on Saturday! Two fun facts: 1) I was born on Mother’s Day, and 2) prior to being Lucy’s mother, Scott and I still celebrated each others’ respective days as the parents of our pets.

Every year since Lucy’s been in our lives, we’ve spent Mother’s Day at our local nursery, choosing plants for filling in our garden and adding greenery to the dining table. I might start the day with a mimosa (with pineapple juice!), and Scott is sure my wine glass is never empty (after noon, sheesh!). We go on an extra long family walk, we feel the sun on our faces, we play in the park and we dine on heaping bowls of pasta (my favorite food group).

This year? This year is, well, different. We think of Mother’s Day as the celebration of anyone who has loved another, as a parent (to humans and pets alike!), an aunt, a roommate a partner, a mentor. Not being able to spend in-person time this year with those that mean the world to us is a huge bummer, we know. But! Mother’s Day is not cancelled! So in the spirit of remaining positive, we thought it would be fun to round up a simple, attainable, easy peasy(!) list of activities to enjoy this weekend, with all of those in your quarantine cuddle bubble.

10 Easy Peasy Mother’s Day Ideas

1| Toast up crusty bread grilled cheese sandwiches and serve with a side of creamy tomato soup. Comfort food for the soul.

2| Listen to your favorite album of all time – every track from start to finish! – just like you used to do. I recently played No Doubt’s Tragic Kingdom for Lucy, and wow. All my high school memories came rushing back in the best way. Which album would you pick?!

3| Have a family art party!

Lucy’s smock

4| Enjoy mimosas with your favorite juice equivalent for breakfast and lunch (and dinner while you’re at it!). Tip: I prefer pineapple juice with a squeeze of lime!

5| Give in to your craving and order a whole dinner spread from your favorite contactless pickup spot. Light some candles for the table, but stay in your pajamas – because you can.

Dining al fresco with Lucy | having a family tea party | via Yellow Brick Home
stools | dining chair (similar) | lounge chair | table

6| Clear the fridge and pantry of all the nibbles – cheese, almonds, chips, crackers, hummus, dips and sauces – throw it all on a tray (or your cutting board!), and dine al fresco.

7| Close all the blinds and curtains in the house and turn up the A/C (or heat, depending on your location). Gather all the pillows in the home, throw them in the living room, and have a movie marathon of Mom’s choosing. No screen time guilt allowed!

8| Put your smartphone to work and make a family movie! I have so much fun creating mini movies of the most seemingly mundane adventures, but stringing all the clips together and adding a track is pure magic. Here’s an entire post with video tips and the app we use to create them!

screenshots of how we make family movies using the InShop app for smart phones! via Yellow Brick Home
make a family movie

9| Make a really big flower arrangement that makes your heart sing. Use only clippings from your own garden, low tree limbs, leafy evergreens and even wildflowers (aka, the weeds you haven’t yet mowed).

10| Give yourself permission to rearrange all the furniture. You know you’ve been thinking about it for weeks.

Kim and Lucy give kisses from the kitchen counter, Lucy wears her favorite Penguins jersey and Kim wears a rainbow skirt | via Yellow Brick Home
toddler jersey | skirt | acorn bowl | toaster

We love hearing your ideas, and we’re curious…

How will you celebrate this year?

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  • Will5.4.20 - 7:04 AM

    My wife just gave birth to our firstborn on Friday, so we’re very excited to celebrate the enduring strength and uncompromising love of mom! We’ll be taking it easy and getting as many baby snuggles in as possible as we adjust to this new chapter of life.ReplyCancel

    • Kim5.4.20 - 9:38 AM

      Aaaaah, how lovely! What a sweet moment, and May 1 is such a great birthday to have! Congrats to your family.ReplyCancel

  • linds5.4.20 - 12:35 PM

    My sisters and I are currently making posterboard signs with our kids “our mom rocks” with flip flops and flowers — her favorite things! My sis also picked up some yard flamingos on a grocery run. We’re going to blitz her yard late Saturday night (while social distancing of course)! ReplyCancel

    • Kim5.4.20 - 2:36 PM

      Aw, I love that! What a fun surprise that’ll be. I feel like we’re all being more creative this year!ReplyCancel

  • Barb Flynn5.7.20 - 12:37 PM

    We always go out and buy annuals and veggies.  Even though I only have a small deck, I load it with plants and it makes me happy all year round.  We are ordering our favorite foods early to beat the weekend rush and will reheat them on Mother’s Day.  Brunch was always a big deal for us and mimosas too (with strawberries).  Happy Mother’s Day, Kim! (and Ann Vargo!)ReplyCancel

  • JULIE MARQUEZ5.7.20 - 10:03 PM

    I am getting those child silhouette portraits for a mother’s day gift, and I couldn’t be more excited – oval frame and all!ReplyCancel

  • JULIE MARQUEZ5.7.20 - 10:04 PM

    Also, I’m really interested in your tool room now that you took out the space for the bathroom. That room totally inspires me to want to have a utility/pantry full of tool like that!ReplyCancel

  • LD5.8.20 - 7:30 PM

    We share a birthday!!!  Happy birthday and Mother’s Day!!  Will be a memorable one.  My kids are grown and left the nest but will still be wonderful.ReplyCancel

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