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How to Choose a Rug Pad + Why You Need One (Seriously)

This post is sponsored by RugPadUSA. Use promo code YELLOWBRICK for 10% off your order, and yes, it can be stacked with other offers! Promotion expires March 19th.

White kitchen with red vintage runner, chrome faucet and oil rubbed bronze hardware. | via Yellow Brick Home
sconce | toaster | hardware

Every handful of years, we drop off our vintage rugs at a local dealer for a deep cleaning. A few weeks ago, we picked up our rug from the cleaners, and I shared the dramatic (ha) unrolling of our vintage kitchen rug – a glorious moment made only more impactful by my phone’s slow-mo setting. But what caught your eye wasn’t the rug itself, rather, it was the rug pad! My inbox filled with messages asking which brand I use, requesting a link and wondering if a rug pad is necessary at all. (Yes, yes it is!)

There are a lot of options for a rug pad, a variety of price points and styles and sizes and cushion. It can be downright confusing. Every single rug in our home has a pad beneath it, not only for the added comfort – because yeah, it adds that in spades! – but also to preserve our rugs and floors. Today I’m further sharing why you need a rug pad, plus I’m sharing a promo code for you to save 10% off your order from with promo code YELLOWBRICK!

Cozy family room with Pittie sleeping on the couch, art print says: Work Hard & Be Nice to People | via Yellow Brick Home
rug | sectional | pouf | print

Safety Prevention

The first time I bought a rug pad, I was in college. I picked up the cheapest one I could find off the shelf, an attempt at salvaging the rag rug in my dorm room, the rug that would slip beneath my feet as I blow dried my hair each morning. It worked fine if I stood in place, didn’t move too much and gingerly tip-toed across it. But one evening during a Random Act of Dancing, I slipped on that rug – despite that pad! – and I’ll never forget the pain that shot through my knee as I spiraled to the floor.

Needless to say, I learned that not all rug pads are created equal. A quality rug pad is essential, one that can hold a firm grip to your rug and the floor. Let’s back up to that kitchen runner. The runner paves the way from the back door, through the kitchen and into our living and dining rooms. Lucy dances to nursery rhymes on that rug, CC uses it as a personal race track, and to this day, everyone in this house is still guilty of Random Acts of Dancing on that rug. Needless to say, it’s a high traffic area.

White kitchen with red vintage runner | via Yellow Brick Home

Sandwiched between our vintage runner and hardwood floors is the RugPro from RugPadUSA. We’ve been purchasing and using RugPadUSA for years, so I couldn’t be more excited to be partnering with them today! They’re perfect from day one; no strong odors, and they’re made with high quality materials that last. The RugPro‘s low profile is ideal for our vintage rug, providing extreme grip to both the rug and our hardwood floors in this lively room. There will be no slipping and sliding on my watch!

How to choose a rug pad and why you need one (seriously) | via Yellow Brick Home
RugPro high performance pad

Comfort Underfoot

Before laying down the rug in our recent craft room makeover, I hit ‘add to cart’ on the 1/4″ thick felt and rubber Superior Lock pad. Scott walked into the room and said, wow, this is soft! I chose it for the comfort it would add in a space where I may be standing on my feet for extended periods of time, boxing up packages, wrapping gifts and lending a hand with Lucy’s projects.

How to choose a rug pad and why you need one (seriously) | via Yellow Brick Home

The Superior Lock‘s rubber backing keeps my small rug in place, while the felt is so, so pillow-y underfoot! You’d never know this was a thin outdoor rug when paired with a plush pad. Bonus: The thick pad absorbs the sound of pitter-pattering toddler feet, making for a more quiet experience throughout the home.

How to choose a rug pad and why you need one (seriously) | via Yellow Brick Home
1/4″ Superior Lock rug pad | indoor/outdoor rug

Long live your floors and rugs

RugPadUSA uses natural rubber and zero toxic chemicals, making them safer for your home, your floors and your rugs. Not only does a rug pad make things cozier and safer for you, but think of the right rug pad as the foundation for your room. Before the artwork, before the sofa, before the rug itself – it’s the pad that lays the groundwork, protecting your floors from everyday wear and tear.

A glimpse into our craft room, with a soft pink workstation and outdoor rug | via Yellow Brick Home
indoor/outdoor rug | stool | vintage fixture + matte LED bulbs

Which Rug Pad Is Right for You?

Rug pads add safety, comfort and protection against any style of rug, any form of floor. Whether you have hardwood, tile or carpet, there is a rug pad for you. (And before you ask, yes! You can absolutely use a rug pad on top of carpet!) I find that the easiest place to start is to shop by floor type, followed by density of the pad. A general rule of thumb is to choose a low profile pad for high traffic areas of the home, and work your way up to plush for bedrooms and family gathering spaces.

For anyone who has yet to use a rug pad, I am downright giddy for you to give RugPadUSA a try! The difference in overall comfort alone is astounding, but be prepared to fall in love with the safety aspect and the complete elimination of those irritating edge crinkles. (Oh yeah, because it smooths everything out, too!) Use promo code YELLOWBRICK for 10% off your order, and yes, it can be stacked with other offers! Promotion expires March 19th.

PS: Which rug material is right for you?

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  • Melissa3.5.20 - 8:39 AM

    Hi Kim, 
    Thank you for all the information and extra code! 
    I do have dogs that are older now and frequently pee on the rug.. is there a waterproof rug pad that you could point me in the direction of? 
    Thank you for your inspiration and realistic dreams that come to life.ReplyCancel

  • Stacy3.5.20 - 11:21 AM

    I need you to know that under the first image of the kitchen I read “scone” in your source links and could not figure out WHERE the scone was in that photo, and also why/how?? you would be sourcing a scone. And then I realized that I am insane.

    Anyway I do need a rug pad for my bedroom rug so thanks for the coupon code :)ReplyCancel

    • Kim3.5.20 - 11:37 AM

      Hahaha, I love that. WISH THERE WAS A SCONE, TBH.ReplyCancel

  • Megan3.5.20 - 7:14 PM

    What size rug pad do you get for a rug? Like 6″ smaller on each dimension? Closer to the rug size?ReplyCancel

    • Kim3.5.20 - 9:09 PM

      You put in the size of your rug on their website, and they’ll trim it to the perfect size for you, about 1/2” less all around!ReplyCancel

  • LL3.6.20 - 12:30 AM

    Perfect timing for this post and code. We finally placed a runner in our kitchen.  Thanks for the tips to make the selection easy!  Can’t wait for our pad to arrive. ReplyCancel

  • meredith3.6.20 - 11:41 AM

    Fiiiinally bit the bullet and ordered a rug pad for a round rug in our nursery. I’d just been using my toes to scooch it into place every single time I walked in there, lol. Thanks for the coupon code! ReplyCancel

    • Kim3.6.20 - 1:16 PM

      Welcome to one less stressor in your day!????ReplyCancel

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