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31 Days of Color with Ace + A Dog Station Upgrade


Throughout the month of March, Ace Hardware is launching a fun and interactive 31 Days of Color experience, in which a new color will be unveiled every day. (Be sure to check out what the rest of the Ace team will be doing!) We’ve chosen a color that has inspired us, Clark+Kensington’s That’s Hula-rious, and we’ve used it to accent the newest addition to our home – an upgrade to our DIY dog food station, of course!


After adopting our Chunk last year (can you believe it’s only been that long? It’s like this goofball has always been here), bad dog parents that we are, we had Jack and his sister share their doggie station of yore – which worked, fine, we guess. We put their water bowl on the floor, and they would bump against each other for real estate over their bowls. We had every intention of creating a larger station using the same legs and same concept, but we put it off month after month – until now.

This time around, we put it together using a new batch of old studs (from behind these very walls!), but we reinforced it with threaded rod, washers and lock nuts in the exact same way we constructed our studio shelves. Because the upgraded station would be about a foot longer to accommodate the extra bowl, the threaded rods would keep those salvaged studs from sagging or separating.


After taking our measurements, we marked on each stud where we’d drill our holes, and using a paddle bit, we made room for the washers on the two end studs, like this:


From there, we ran our rods through our pre-drilled holes and tightened everything in place with lock nuts. In the end, we evenly spaced out four lengths of rod – one on each end, and one on either side of the middle bowl. Once our 2x4s were nice and tight, Scott used a Dremel to remove any of the threaded rod that extended beyond the surface of the stud.


To knock off that 100-year-old grime and remove the burrs, I gave everything a light sanding and reattached the legs. (We purchased 9″ hairpins from Cream Street Shop the first time around.) We wanted the bowls to sit in a 6″ diameter opening, and after scouring every vase in our home, we had an exact match! The vase was used to trace our circles, and Scott followed those lines with our jigsaw. Tip: To get started, Scott drilled a hole with a paddle bit for the jigsaw blade to fit through – then round and round he goes!


And then, color! I highlighted the edges with the Color of the Day, Clark+Kensington’s That’s Hula-rious. I taped off the top and legs with painter’s tape, and once the paint was dry, I sealed everything up – top and sides – with a couple coats of Polycrylic. Those dog dribbles are no joke.


The middle bowl is still shared water, but they’ve never taken issue with this and still seem to love us all the same – ha! They’ve already chosen sides (as most couples do, am I right?), and the improved upon station is a major upgrade in strength, although we’re not too sure they care that much?




You can keep track of each color as it’s unveiled during the length of the 31 Days of Color campaign, and you’ll be able to check in on each of the other Ace bloggers, too! Plus, Ace Hardware is hosting a sweepstakes throughout the month, with daily $50 gift card giveaways and one big prize worth $10,000 for a home paint makeover. (Um, yes!) And, the first 1,000 visitors to the site at 12pm EST each day can register to receive a free sample of the Color of the Day. Find all the details and inspiration right here, and good luck!



We’re excited to be collaborating with Ace Hardware as a part of their Ace Blogger Panel! Ace has provided us with compensation and the materials necessary to complete this project (hey, thanks, Ace!), and all opinions are our own. Cute puppies are an added bonus.

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  • Kate S.3.3.15 - 11:16 AM

    This is really cute!

    I’m kind of new to your blog, so I hadn’t seen the original. I just recently came across this raised feeder on Etsy ( and I was thinking about DIY-ing a similar design for our dogs. I think I might like yours better!ReplyCancel

    • Kim3.3.15 - 11:23 AM

      That Etsy dog bowl holder is awesome though! So many great ideas out there.ReplyCancel

  • ryan3.3.15 - 11:22 AM

    that cc is the CUTEST. she slays me with her chunkiness! the food station is such a great idea. i wish i had space for something similar in my home, but no dice. #smallhouseproblemsReplyCancel

  • Sara3.3.15 - 12:22 PM

    I love the use of the old 2x4s. I am thinking about a bench…

    On a funny note, the water bowl that I have for my two camels is a giant mixing bowl. Think those huge metal ones they use in professional kitchens. It sits in a corner on the pantry floor and I refill it every single day. And no, they do not actually lay down and bathe in it :)ReplyCancel

    • Kim3.3.15 - 12:30 PM

      I had to read “camels” a stupid amount of times before I realized that you meant they drink a lot! Oh, man. Is it Friday yet?ReplyCancel

  • Alexandria3.3.15 - 1:05 PM

    It would be great if I could get my husband to make one of these. My german shepherd is by far the messiest drinker of any dog. She manages to soak everything within a 5 foot radius. Here’s to hoping that a stand that’s closer to her snout will help.ReplyCancel

  • Hollie @ Fancykins3.3.15 - 4:44 PM

    Absolutely love this project AND the color. The things we do for our pets, right? :)ReplyCancel

  • Melanie3.3.15 - 5:39 PM

    I would love to make something like this for my pup but he is afraid of everything and would probably look at me like WTF is this? He doesn’t even like eating from his food bowl. He takes the food out puts it on the ground and then eats it. Yes, he is strange.ReplyCancel

    • B3.3.15 - 8:07 PM

      Melanie- you should read up on that silly dog behavior. My dog does it too (but actually walks to another room with a mouth full of food at a time to dump on the floor and eat, then trot back, repeat). I thought it was so strange and mentioned it to a friend who is an animal behaviorist and she told me it is pretty common. It’s believed to have something to do with how much access they had to nursing as a puppy, and how they would save food if their litter mates hogged the food bowl. I was pretty fascinated by it!ReplyCancel

    • Carol3.4.15 - 9:23 AM

      I had a kitty that did that too. Even though she was the only pet in the home, she always took a big mouthful of food from the bowl and then took it into the dining room to eat. Either she didn’t get enough to eat as a kitten, or she just felt fancy eating in the dining room!ReplyCancel

      • Kim3.4.15 - 9:56 AM

        So interesting! I’ve never heard of that, but you gotta love those pet quirks.ReplyCancel

  • The Kentucky Gent3.3.15 - 6:37 PM

    Cute puppies are always an added bonus AND always make for a better blog post. Love how you guys include the pups in your posts as well!

    Josh – The Kentucky Gent

  • Marie3.3.15 - 7:52 PM

    Wow that feeder looks amazing!!!And your dogs are so well behaved in front of the food.ReplyCancel

    • Kim3.4.15 - 9:57 AM

      I think they were just so freaked out that they were getting a midday lunch for the sake of photos! Jack says, “don’t move, CC, or we could wake up any minute from this dream…”ReplyCancel

  • Kim3.4.15 - 5:40 PM

    First of all, I don’t think my table is that nice! Second, please don’t shoot the messenger, but, raised dog bowls can possibly cause bloat (which is why some dogs remove the food from the bowl and put it on the floor to eat – it’s an uncomfortable and unnatural way to eat).

  • Trude3.5.15 - 12:17 PM

    Chunk is so unbelievably expressive! Love the pop of color. I had a raised feeder for my old dog too, but he was an Italian Greyhound so with the crazy long neck and legs it helped. :)ReplyCancel

  • Julia@Cukoo4Design3.11.15 - 6:20 AM

    As always I adore your little models. And it turned out awesomeReplyCancel

  • […] stunning dog food station from Yellow Brick Home is as attractive as it is genuinely handy! Treating the surface with lacquer means that it’s […]ReplyCancel

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