DIY Dino Magnets. Rawr!

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I have this bizarre fascination with dinosaurs – my favorite being the T-Rex, followed (very) close behind by the Brontosaurus. Like, I’m seriously nuts about them (ask Scott!). Yeah, weird, but isn’t it so bizarre to think that they lived here? They were huge! With big teeth and long tails, necks and wings! 

This shouldn’t come as a huge surprise, you know, with T-Rexy and all. And the terrarium battleground.

In any case, I tapped into my dino love over the holidays and created a few mini presents for friends – colorful dino magnets! Using a Toob of miniatures (I also picked up Toobs of sea creatures, too, to mix it up), Scott and I put together these little guys in an afternoon:

Supplies and tools needed:
miniature plastic toys (Toobs can be found in any hobby store)
drill (optional)
spray primer
spray paint
super or hot glue
small craft or mighty magnets

As for how we did it, we decided to drill a notch in each little toy to have a place for our magnets to nestle in. (And if your holes aren’t perfect, no big.) This was preference and isn’t necessary, but our idea was to give them a more polished look. In hindsight, we wish we would have used mighty magnets for a stronger dino-to-fridge-bond ratio, but regardless of strength, they’ll look cute!

We chose teal and gold spray paint as our colors of choice, after priming them first. A dab of super glue to hold your magnets in – and done. Super easy, right?

Like I mentioned on Instagram, what can’t you do with these guys? I can be such a child; I swear.

Unfortunately, we didn’t save any for ourselves (boo), but they sure looked sweet tied up in clear cello bags and given to our friends! Next batch though? Ours.

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