Canning Paint

Working in such tight quarters with a few fuzzy co-workers, while fun (and yes, I talk to them all the time), can pose challenges in cleanliness. I like my studio fur-free, so we vacuum almost daily, and before punching out, I usually take a damp cloth to wipe everything down. The biggest challenge, however, are the walls.

While Scott and I are both smitten with the barely-there pink studio color, Diana by Olympic, we aren’t the biggest fans of the flat finish. We’ve used a flat finish everywhere else in our home, but we’ve always stuck with Behr brand paints in flat enamel (which we love for its easy wipe-ability in our pet heavy home). The finish of the Olympic paint doesn’t seem to withstand the slightest brush against the wall (boo!), so I’ve found myself touching up small patches over time – not my idea of fun.

We’ve learned from this mistake (although, is the mistake choosing Olympic in the flat finish or not going with our tried and true Behr?), but since we don’t plan on repainting the whole room soon, I decided to keep my quart of Diana on our open shelves – at the ready for the heavier scuffs.

I picked up a $1 Ball jar from the hobby store, sprayed the lid with Rustoleum chalkboard paint and filled it up. Now, the real challenge is training Jack to no longer spend his days holding up the wall. Rather, would it hurt for him to ship a package or two?

Speaking of pet hair, one of our biggest questions we receive is how we maintain it in our home. See how we do it, right here!

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  • Rachel H7.26.12 - 10:10 AM

    Genius! I’ve been thinking about doing this, and the chalkboard paint lid has me wanting to can all my paint tonight!ReplyCancel

  • Kaitlin7.26.12 - 7:27 PM

    Genius! I think you just solved our paint can storage problem!ReplyCancel

  • Katherine7.27.12 - 12:11 PM

    Huh… Definitely a cute idea, but can I ask you a question?

    I am currently in the process of picking out paint colors and finishes for my entire apartment. I hadn’t looked at the Behr paint line yet… Why did you go with flat paint for the walls, rather than eggshell? All the “experts” are telling me to go with eggshell, for its wipe-ability. I bought a bunch of pint samples, and we’re puzzling over the eggshell because depending on the how the light from the windows hits the walls, the eggshell paint is really shiny. Not sure if we like it, do you know what i mean? Is that why you went with flat and not eggshell?

    I must look into this “flat enamel” paint now. It’s a flat paint that can be wiped clean?? wow! Behr is from Home Depot, right?

    Thanks! (LOVE your blog!)

    • Kim7.27.12 - 1:06 PM

      Hi Katherine! Great question. We also feel that eggshell is super shiny, which we can’t stand for ourselves. Behr makes a flat enamel, which is inbetween the flat and eggshell. It has the look of flat paint, but can be wiped if needed!

      We only use eggshell in the bathroom, and for everything else we go with the flat enamel. We think the flatter finish looks more sophisticated, and even with 3 pets in our home, we have no problems keeping it clean!

      The pros at the store also told us to go with eggshell, but we’re glad we didn’t listen. And yes, Behr is from Home Depot. Hope that helps!ReplyCancel


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