Did We Maximize Our ROI with the Bathroom Renovation?

Renovating a bathroom for maximum ROI // via Yellow Brick Home

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Now that our bathroom remodel is complete, it’s time for a reality check to see if we made wise long-term renovation decisions! As we broke down in part one of this two part series, our goal was to design the bathroom to maximize the return on our investment. We focused closely on the layout, we incorporated classic design elements, and we upgraded to all new fixtures. Our hope was to build a bathroom that works for our current needs (and design aesthetic, of course) while increasing the long-term value of our home for the future!

Renovating a bathroom for maximum ROI // via Yellow Brick Home

So, how did we do?

Today on, we’re diving deep into our out-of-pocket costs and the breakdown of how nearly every single dollar was spent! We also talk through how current home values in our specific neighborhood determined the level of finishes we chose – and why this is an important factor to consider in any renovation, where ever you may be. I mean, we’ve come a long, long way (baby):

Our Bathroom Before

Renovating a bathroom for maximum ROI // via Yellow Brick Home

And Today!

Renovating a bathroom for maximum ROI // via Yellow Brick Home

Perhaps the most interesting part of our renovation, especially for home-loving nerds like ourselves (and you, right?), was the professional ROI evaluation from our friend and real estate agent, Jennifer Downey Piehl. We sat down with Jennifer over a cup of coffee and dissected all of our choices, how much we spent, and whether or not the pink board and batten was a good choice for resale – ha! By the way, if you’re looking for a realtor in Chicago, we highly recommend her!

Tip: If you’re considering your own renovation, has a database where you can view the value of your home based on where you live and comparable public records. You’re welcome for introducing you to that rabbit hole!

The entire article – including candid budgets and our home value (then vs. now) – can be found right here!

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  • Twinkle7.15.19 - 12:05 PM

    I am so grateful for this post – this definitely makes the planning process somewhat easier when considering home renovation, and I really appreciate that you included the cost breakdown. I also really like the call-outs to what potential homebuyers might be looking for when home shopping. You both did an excellent job on balancing personal style with classic high-value renovation elements. I’m hoping my spouse and I can do the same without being locked into so many safe design choice that it lacks any character, and build long-term value in our first (and maybe forever) home!ReplyCancel

    • Kim7.16.19 - 8:04 AM

      We love hearing this, thank you so much!ReplyCancel


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