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When Miss B from Besotted Brand asked us to share a few words of marriage-y wisdom on her wedding day (which is today! Soon to be a Mrs.!), Scott came up with some of the best dudes advice I’ve seen. Ah, those words make my heart a-flutter. Click on the image below to be whisked (!) away:

With it being our wedding month and all, we had a good time reading through the other cutie contributors, aww-ing in agreement. Being married is pretty dang awesome, and we wish Miss B (er, Mrs.!) the best with her Fancy. B, you’re going to love it.

Any other, as they say, pearls of wisdom to share? Tied or not, we’re sure you have some words to remember, too.

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  • Emily @ Our Waldo Bungie11.17.11 - 10:32 AM

    Scott’s advice was spot-on! I also think bringing your wife flowers for no reason can help keep the spark alive! I also enjoy when Daniel sends me a sweet text message for no reason in the middle of the day!

    Probably the best thing we’ve done for our marriage is by instituting a date day every couple of months where we become “tourists in our own city” (borrowed from Two Pitties!) and eat somewhere new for lunch and visit museums or new shops. It is so much fun and it makes us feel like we did back when we were dating!ReplyCancel

  • Kim11.17.11 - 10:39 AM

    Emily, great advice! I drop flower hints for Scott all the time – which got me those garden roses, yesss.

    We love, love, love being “tourists” in Chicago. We’ll have “downtown days” and see the lights, shop, have a nice dinner, and we’ve even stayed in a hotel downtown just to feel like we’re away from home!ReplyCancel

  • Jaimie11.18.11 - 8:00 AM

    I like his advice :) My hubby can’t cook, but I have been working to amend that. I love cooking, but there are days where you just don’t have the energy to deal with all of that. Someday I will be able to come home and have a nice dinner waiting that didn’t come out of a box, lol.ReplyCancel

  • Miss B.11.21.11 - 12:01 AM

    Thank you both again for coming through on such short notice!


    Miss (ur) Mrs. B.ReplyCancel


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