Ace Giveaway: Wagner Power Painter Plus

Before we moved into this house, Scott and I had a very serious talk – the good kind of talk that makes us all giddy and raise our voices over each other; the louder the better. The topic? What new tools will we need? Because if anything makes Scott excited over a project, it’s power tools (but hey, me too!).

It wasn’t until after we moved in that our rose-colored-glasses came off and we realized, whoa, we have our work cut out for us. Yes, we could see the poor paint job at our inspection, and sure, we could smell the second floor from a block away (thank goodness that’s behind us now!) – but the excitement of all the home’s potential had us pushing those pesky, unwanted thoughts aside. And now, four months in, we’ve had so many ups and downs, it’d be impossible to recount them all. (Should we try? A lacking furnace, the city zoning battle, the unlevel floors, sagging ceiling and – oh yeah – we’ll be knocking back a pretty, shiny penny to resolve cracks in the foundation. But we can’t forget about the insane daylight, the large studio and our future laundry room!)

All that aside, we knew we’d eventually get to the point where we’d be able to take out the paint. We’d finally reach the top of that mountain (I mean, we’re still working our way up, up, up… but still), and we’d see the view from the top and we’d know: It’s only getting better from here. And over the weekend, we did just that. (You know, stood at the top of the mountain.) Because with the help of Ace Hardware, we were given a new tool that topped our list from those early summer discussions, and whoa. Lives have been changed. Enter the Wagner Power Painter Plus:

Never having used a paint sprayer before, we were both excited and – full disclosure – a little nervous. We shopped around for a few different models before deciding on the Painter Plus, but even still, our biggest fears were ease of use, over spray and – in our case – would this electric spray gun really do the job? (No lugging around air compressors with this guy!)

For our virgin run, we set up a floor-to-ceiling sheet of plastic in the garden unit and brought in a rotating crew of every bedroom, bathroom and closet door in that apartment. (We’re hopeful for a December 1st rental date, so the pressure is on.) After reading the straightforward instructions, we just went for it! In under 2 hours, we gave new life to six formerly beige, sticky doors – and that’s including the time it took us to read through every, single page in the manual. (Because remember? We were scared. And for nothing!)

By mid-project, Scott and I were fighting over whose turn it was (mine! It was mine!). As for those silly fears, the over spray was a non-issue since we had taken the time to prep our space, and yes, this electric gun really does the job.

Minds? Blown. Only one coat was needed for every door to have a flawless finish, and we’re thinking our next run (because we have, oh, about 10 more doors to go!) will take even less time now that we’ve gotten our manual reading out of the way.

The best part of our new found love is that we get to hand one off to you! Together with Ace, we’ll be giving away a Wagner Power Painter Plus* ($100+ value) to one lucky reader. Using the Rafflecopter widget below, enter as many ways as you’d like. Giveaway runs through Friday, November 8th at 5pm CST, and the winner will be announced within this post. Good luck and happy entering!

a Rafflecopter giveaway


We’ve partnered with Ace Hardware as a part of their Ace Blogger Panel. Ace has provided us with the Wagner Power Painter Plus to complete our project (hey, thanks, Ace!), and all opinions are our own. How we DIYed before this tool, we’ll never know.

*Find the right Wagner painter for you at your neighborhood Ace Hardware!


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  • Lindsey d.11.5.13 - 8:30 AM

    Oh man, I need this! Fiance and I are picking out colors to repaint his entire house. The only time it’s been painted was when it was built 12 years ago, so it’s definitely time. I really dislike the creamy/beige trim and doors, but with at least 16 doors in the house, that’s a lot of doors to paint! Not to mention that I have some furniture I want to refresh!ReplyCancel

  • Amber11.5.13 - 8:58 AM

    I need this, well I needed it this past summer! We recently bought a condo in Roscoe Village, and all the doors needed to be painted so I painted all of them by hand (with a brush and roller) over 2 months. I showed my husband your instagram video of Scott painting the doors with the paint sprayer, and he just shook his and said “we’re idiots”.ReplyCancel

  • Kim11.5.13 - 9:05 AM

    Lindsey, good luck! This would also be great with furniture – we can’t wait to give it a try ourselves.

    Amber, nah, we didn’t know better until we gave this a go ourselves! I’m sure you could find another use for it now that your doors are done…ReplyCancel

  • Laura at RatherSquare.com11.5.13 - 9:21 AM

    Great giveaway! We so need this for our doors and trim.ReplyCancel

  • Kim11.5.13 - 10:36 AM

    Laura, YES. Yes, you do.ReplyCancel

  • Brooke11.5.13 - 11:53 AM

    We have a ton of doors and trim this would be great for. Is it open to non USA residents? (I’m in Canada) Thanks!ReplyCancel

  • Kim11.5.13 - 12:53 PM

    Hi Brooke, International shipping is A-okay!ReplyCancel

  • Wendy11.5.13 - 1:40 PM

    Fingers crossed I win this! I’ve got two porches and many, many feet of fence to paint in the spring!ReplyCancel

  • ryan11.5.13 - 2:00 PM

    I love this but I’m a little afraid that if we had it my husband would try to repaint the whole house :)ReplyCancel

  • Kiira11.5.13 - 3:04 PM

    told you life would never be the same! I can’t carry things into the basement fast enough.ReplyCancel

  • Henry Drake11.5.13 - 6:54 PM

    I Need this! Would be really helpfulReplyCancel

  • Kim11.6.13 - 7:23 AM

    Good luck, guys!

    Kiira, it really never will. We’ve been changed. Ha!ReplyCancel

  • […] Clark + Kensington line from Ace. Our plan (after painting prep, duh) is to buy a paint sprayer (this one?) and tackle the trim and doors. We can take the panels off of the baseboard heaters to get the […]ReplyCancel


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