What a Day Looks Like For Us

This month, we’re toasting to Scott’s 1 year anniversary of working on Yellow Brick Home full time! It’s a milestone we don’t take lightly, and it’s a goal we’ve worked so hard for over the last 10 years of penning this blog. We sacrificed every weekend for years, most weeknights and evenings out with friends. We woke up early on Saturdays, threw on our shit clothes, and worked until sundown. And then Lucy came along, and that lifestyle (surprise, surprise!) was no longer sustainable. We knew there would be a point when the scales tipped and we’d need to make a decision about our future – for our family, for the blog, for our overall health and happiness.

As a bit of back story, we did consider slowing down the blog. We considered a more traditional job for me, a 9-5 that gave us security and peace of mind. And then we considered Scott leaving his corporate job of almost 15 years, a risk and a pay cut, but one that would also give us weekends with Lucy, weeknights that focused on meal times and books before bed. A transition that would allow us to continue to nurture old homes, get creative and use our hands – all things that fuel us. We were scared but determined to make it work, we took that leap, and one year later, we’re still asking ourselves how we waited that long. And now? We’re no longer glorifying busy. Friends, your heart knows what’s best for you. You can make it work, because you have to. As my friend Julia would say, #dontwait.

To celebrate, we thought it would be fun to document a random day in our life, a request made by many of you in our 2019 Reader Survey (thank you!). If you notice, I don’t say ‘a typical day,’ because what’s typical anyway? Sometimes we’re home all day, sometimes we’re in Michigan. Sometimes we’re meeting contractors at the Two Flat, sometimes one of us is with Lucy while the other writes.

6:30 – 7 AM

We all wake up, brush our teeth and try to remember to brush Lucy’s hair. She’s super interested in the potty right now, so we sit her on the toilet and read her a book. Her favorite is anything Elmer, and we often wake up to her saying, Elmer! Elmer! She flips to her favorite parts of the book, and we remind her to keep her hands on her knees so she doesn’t lose her balance.

There's no 'typical' day around here, but we're sharing one day-in-the-life glimpse, from breakfast to bedtime. via Yellow Brick Home
our master bathroom renovation

7:15 – 8 am

Because it’s summer, we’ve been having breakfast every morning on the front porch! Lucy grabs her favorite stuffies to join us, and CC loves any reason to enjoy our porch swing. This morning, I made blueberry, pineapple + coconut smoothies. (These our are favorite coconut flakes!)

There's no 'typical' day around here, but we're sharing one day-in-the-life glimpse, from breakfast to bedtime. via Yellow Brick Home
our front porch makeover

8 – 8:30 am

Lucy is part of a nanny share 3-4 days a week, and today is one of those days. While Scott leaves with Lucy to drop her off, I quickly finish getting ready for the day – real clothes and a dab of makeup go far in helping me to feel productive! – and then I dive straight into emails. My goal is to get through as many email as possible so we can start the work day without distractions.

8:30 – 10 am

Scott gets home, we refill our coffee mugs, and we have a 10 minute meeting about what’s ahead for the day. (Hot tip: We use the Trello app – both desktop and phone versions – to organize OUR WHOLE LIVES. It’s pretty incredible!) Once we’ve confirmed who’s doing what, I dive into editing our first Dear Two Flat vlog, and Scott puts the final touches on a blog post for the next day.

There's no 'typical' day around here, but we're sharing one day-in-the-life glimpse, from breakfast to bedtime. via Yellow Brick Home
desk | calculator

10 am – 12 pm

Mid-morning, we save our work and head out the door for a meeting downtown. It takes less time than we expected (yay!), so we treat ourselves to quick bite for lunch before heading back home.

There's no 'typical' day around here, but we're sharing one day-in-the-life glimpse, from breakfast to bedtime. via Yellow Brick Home
dress | jean jacket | white birks

1 – 2 pm

We make it home just in time to go over a few notes for a conference call we have at 1. This call takes longer than expected, but a hot mug of afternoon coffee helps!

There's no 'typical' day around here, but we're sharing one day-in-the-life glimpse, from breakfast to bedtime. via Yellow Brick Home
wall pocket | lucy’s desk | office chairs

2 – 3 pm

The call wraps, and we both work to finish the video and blog post we started that morning. I’m able to upload and schedule our vlog, while Scott saves his post and replies to emails and comments. Somewhere in this hour, I check Instagram for any questions or messages, and I publish our Stories for this morning’s blog post.

3 – 4 pm

After wrapping up the administrative tasks, we decide to tackle a small project – a cute outdoor sign – to get us one step closer to finishing our Tree House exterior project, which is currently in progress! We also receive a call from our contractor that’s getting Tree House prepped for paint, and we answer a few clarifying questions to make sure we’re all on the same page.

There's no 'typical' day around here, but we're sharing one day-in-the-life glimpse, from breakfast to bedtime. via Yellow Brick Home
our craft rom makeover

4 pm

Lucy’s nanny lives nearby, so she offers to drop her off today! We gratefully accept, and as soon as she gets home, Scott gives her a snack while I respond to emails one more time before ending our day at the desk.

4:15 – 5 pm

Big City Readers is hosting a reading event at Park & Field, a favorite neighborhood restaurant with a large outdoor space. It rained on and off all day, so although the sun had started to shine through the clouds, we mostly had the place to ourselves! After story time, Lucy played with the sidewalk chalk and ran up and down the Park & Field bocce court. If you’re in the Chicago area, we stay on top of the Big City Reader pop-up events on Miss Beth’s Instagram. Events are usually free and sometimes include a bonus cocktail for the adults!

There's no 'typical' day around here, but we're sharing one day-in-the-life glimpse, from breakfast to bedtime. via Yellow Brick Home

5:30 – 6:30 pm

The event is over, so we head home for one of our go-to dinners – burrito bowls! They’re a perfect excuse to eat avocados and extra veggies while clearing out the fridge. It’s an easy dish with a base of brown rice with black beans, shredded rotisserie chicken (store bought to keep things simple), and then we finish it off with all the colorful toppings and a squeeze of fresh lime. At the dinner table, we have a tradition to share our favorite part of the day. Mine is porch smoothies, Scott’s is story time at Park & Field. We can’t wait until Lucy can join in with hers!

There's no 'typical' day around here, but we're sharing one day-in-the-life glimpse, from breakfast to bedtime. via Yellow Brick Home
salt & pepper grinders | lucy’s plate | end grain board

6:30 – 7 pm

We let the dogs loose on all the food Lucy drops on the floor, then we whisk her upstairs for a warm, soapy bath. She splashes around for a good 15 minutes before we dry her off, read (the start of) 5 different books, sing songs and give countless squeezes and smooches. We lay her down in her crib by 7, and Jack and CC come into the nursery to say their good nights through the crib bars. This makes Lucy squeal with joy before she turns over and sucks her thumb.

There's no 'typical' day around here, but we're sharing one day-in-the-life glimpse, from breakfast to bedtime. via Yellow Brick Home

7 – 7:30 pm

We tiptoe back to our desks one last time and check our to-do list for tomorrow. This end-of-day ritual helps us to get our minds right for the next day, and we’ve found it to be essential in making sure we’re aligned with the tasks ahead of us. It gives us permission to turn off our brains for the rest of the evening – something I’m striving to get better with!

8 pm

It’s cocktail-o-clock. We snuggle into the couch and Netflix. The dogs join us – Jack loves his TV! – and I scroll through messages and comments, answer any questions that have come in, and I do my best to put my phone down after a few minutes. Sometimes I succeed, sometimes I don’t.

There's no 'typical' day around here, but we're sharing one day-in-the-life glimpse, from breakfast to bedtime. via Yellow Brick Home
coffee table | floor lamp | arm chair | sectional

10 – 11 pm

It’s back to my favorite place in the world – the bed! I’m an early to bed, late to rise kind of person if I can help it (ha!), so CC and I are tucked in by 10, and Scott comes up with Jack closer to 11.

Thank you for spending the day with us! Are there any other family-centered or work/blog-related posts you’d like to see?

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  • Stacy9.6.19 - 6:27 AM

    I use and love Trello too! It’s such a good organizational tool.ReplyCancel

    • Kim9.6.19 - 7:23 AM

      We couldn’t function without it!ReplyCancel

      • Chelee9.7.19 - 4:12 PM

        I’ve just downloaded it and have started a board. I would love to see how you use it for everything…..I need an everything planner.ReplyCancel

        • Kim9.7.19 - 10:30 PM

          We have a few lists, but the most popular one is our ‘daily’ list. We organize columns by days of the week, and we add a card for every ‘to do’ item.

          Other lists are organized by house projects and blog projects/posts, and eventually, the cards will get moved over to our daily list as we work through things.

          It’s been a game changer!ReplyCancel

          • Chelee9.9.19 - 3:47 PM

            Thanks for a snap shot of your flow. I’m still trying to get the hang of it. So far I like it a lot. Do you integrate it with your calendar?

          • Kim9.9.19 - 4:32 PM

            We don’t – we keep our google cal separate. :)

  • lak9.6.19 - 7:08 AM

    It sounds so organized.  I work and offshift and thrive on spontaneity but I like the idea of checking notes to see what is on the horizon for the next day.   I love what you said about “you can make it work, because it has to.”  I am thinking of transitioning to a different department… those words will help.  I too believe the heart holds the right answers, the head can often get in the way!  Your day sounded lovelyReplyCancel

  • Jess9.6.19 - 7:40 AM

    I’d love to hear another day in the life about when Lucy is home. Thanks for sharing!ReplyCancel

    • Kim9.6.19 - 9:16 AM

      Really?! Would anyone else be interested in this?ReplyCancel

      • Jennifer9.6.19 - 11:09 AM

        Yes!! I work part-time from home and my husband works from home full time. Or son is one week younger than Lucy, so I love to see what kinds of things you are doing with her, esp. on a work day!ReplyCancel

      • Liz9.6.19 - 1:52 PM

        Yes, totally, what things she enjoy to do?ReplyCancel

      • Justynn9.6.19 - 6:54 PM

        Yes! One that has the mundane tasks of grocery shopping or other things. I’m always interested in how people plan out meals/ groceries/ eating out. Maybe I’m weird.ReplyCancel

      • Vera9.6.19 - 6:54 PM

        YES! I am so interested in the idea of leaving the corporate life to have more time for my three littles and freelance part time from home. Please share! ReplyCancel

      • Virginia9.7.19 - 3:46 PM

        Of course!ReplyCancel

      • Halle9.7.19 - 5:32 PM

        Absolutely! Trying to juggle grocery shopping, studying, and a toddler on my day off is challenging. I’d love to hear how you two manage it!ReplyCancel

        • Jane9.9.19 - 9:31 PM

          Yes, please! I’m 6 months in with the new little one, zero childcare for her, and looking to see how others get things done :)ReplyCancel

  • Megan9.6.19 - 8:00 AM

    Hi Kim, I have been a read for years, and am so thankful for the way your blog delivers warmth and creativity.  I love this post, and I would enjoy hearing more about how you balance/organize regular housework with working from home.  I am a stay at home mom with four kids in school.  The times of day that I am home fill up so quickly with daily and weekly chores that I have trouble getting to bigger house projects. I would love your insight! Thanks!ReplyCancel

    • Kim9.6.19 - 9:15 AM

      This is so sweet, thanks, Megan. Bravo for getting anything done with 4 kids! My biggest tip would be to start small and celebrate all those achievements. If you want to paint a bedroom, for example, take one day to empty the room. Another to tape the ceiling. Another to cut in, and another to roll! This is easier said than done, but stay kind to yourself. It sounds like you’re already doing so much!ReplyCancel

  • Jennifer Gumbel9.6.19 - 8:34 AM

    I LOVE this. It’s so great to see the real life…. Scott just quit his corporate job ?!?! He had a corporate job?!?! Great to see how impressive things still have seasons, so the rest of us keep trucking.ReplyCancel

    • Kim9.6.19 - 9:12 AM

      It was so scary when he quit (especially since we just had a baby!), but now we can’t imagine anything else!ReplyCancel

  • Sue L9.6.19 - 9:36 AM

    Such a busy, productive day. Very brave to give up the financial benefits of a corporate job to go with the heart and do what you love. May I ask what you did for medical benefits after leaving a formal worksite? That seems like a huge consideration, although there are many options on the marketplace now. Enjoy your blog and instagram very much with the nice balance of home improvement and family updates.ReplyCancel

    • Kim9.6.19 - 10:49 AM

      That’s a great question. We’re part of an insurance plan that’s more like a co-op. It’s been great so far!ReplyCancel

  • Rachel9.6.19 - 11:17 AM

    I LOVE having a peak into what other folk’s days look like. And with an almost 2 year old, its really refreshing to hear some of the nuts and bolts of how you manage time with Lucy. Thank you for sharing!ReplyCancel

  • Ashley - The Gold Hive9.6.19 - 12:09 PM

    I spy the pom-pom hair ties!! <3ReplyCancel

    • Kim9.6.19 - 1:34 PM

      I love it! More importantly, Lucy gets a giggle every time I wear it. :DReplyCancel

  • Jennifer Brooks9.6.19 - 7:16 PM

    Hi, lovely blog post. Am impressed by your organisation. Is it easy or hard to motivate yourselves to get going when you work from home? I am mainly office based but have the chance of WFH but really struggle to stay motivated. We live in the county of Northumberland (the very north of England) and at the moment a charity is running an Elmer trail. Basically heaps of Elmers have been situated in our local area and you have to find them all. We’ve downloaded the app to try and find them all. Here’s the link
    Have a lovely weekend 

    • Kim9.6.19 - 7:20 PM

      We’re super type A / motivated people, and something as simple as getting dressed and putting on makeup (every single day – although Scott can speak for himself on the makeup front ????) helps us to feel ready. If we don’t work, we don’t make money. If we don’t make money, we can’t provide for our family! That alone is what drives us to work hard during the day so that we have our evenings with our Goose.ReplyCancel

  • Abby9.9.19 - 11:10 AM

    Really enjoyed this post! Agree – it would be fun to see what a workday looks like if Lucy is home. Thanks for sharing!ReplyCancel

  • Claire9.12.19 - 10:41 AM

     Please do another one of these! I love hearing about your day. ReplyCancel


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