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Vignette: Post 27 and Design Bureau

Admittedly, I would have liked to have gotten this out much sooner, but considering I was operating on the train of thought that Mother’s Day was yesterday, well, that just goes to show how far removed my brain has been lately. I blame it on the rain (although, yes, my plea to mother nature seemed to have worked this past weekend when we saw – gasp – the sun!). Last Thursday night, Scott and I were so lucky to attend Vignette, hosted by Post 27 and Design Bureau.

Post 27, founded by Angela Finney-Hoffman and the tops in our list of go-to stores in the Windy City, was completely transformed into 3 themed tableaus: a bedroom, living room, and office. I’ll also be the first to admit that the invite alone left us wondering huh?, but sweet jeebs, we’re glad we gussied up and went!

Shock & awe await you at Vignette, a seductive design spectacle hosted by Post 27 & Design Bureau Magazine. A dark, lush, extravaganza that will see the entire store transformed into a series of themed tableaus celebrating furniture, fashion & fine art. Each scene pairs Angela Finney-Hoffman with a local talent: Steven Teichelman, Axis of Evelyn, Morlen Sinoway & Pitch Design Union.

While there, I snapped their three themes, that is, when not gushing over the impeccable design and wondering how much is that pillow?!. Each scene was brought to life with models from Factor Women, and while startling at first, the whole I-see-you vibe – paired with moody lighting – really made the whole spectacle breathtaking. (See the details behind the real Vignette photo shoot, right here.)

About the Living Room: Wood in its seemingly infinite forms inspired Steven Teichelman to reach for wood’s distant cousin: paper. By casting sheets together in resin and fusing them together, Steven has designed a new building material. Using this process, he’s debuting a cocktail table tonight, Threefold’s newest prototype. Built around a muted color palette, Angela’s bright shocks of color keep the scene lively creating an industrial 70s pop vibe with a 1960’s Danish twist.

About the Office: Morlen Sinoway creates a Vignette that creates a scene inside a scene. The office is bold and dramatic at first glance, but there’s dozens of small details to be found within, most notably in the small scale sculptures by Michael Thompson. Angela’s in-house pendants kick in an unexpected light source.

About the Bedroom: This Vignette is a collection from all the participants in the show. Clip boards are from Steven, and Morlen and Evelyn contributed pieces of ephemera, some dating as far back as 1850. Angela’s swaddled the bed in Unison bedding and her in-house line of pillows. Various other details keep the scene modern and timeless all at once.

The themed tableaus (sounds fancy; like that) runs through May 9th, so if you’re in the Chicago area, check it out at Post 27. We give it four thumbs up – if not just for the word tableaux.

Captions translated from program received on night of event. You think I came up with that? Pffft.

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  • Dave5.2.11 - 5:35 PM

    Three things that caught my eye:
    1. In the living room there is a girl that looks like Kim. (Kim is much prettier!)
    2.Crazy cool suitcases in the office.
    3.Clipboards, clipboards and more clipboards.

    Interesting post. DaveReplyCancel

    • Kim5.2.11 - 8:01 PM

      Dave, the office was one of my favorites – the green cabinets in the back and those suitcases!ReplyCancel

  • chrystie5.2.11 - 9:51 PM

    *swoon* oh my goodness their style is amazing. wow!! super romantic and modern!ReplyCancel

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