Two-Tone: Coral + White

Not really knowing what we wanted for our Jubilee end table, we opened the debate to you. It seemed pretty clear – you all wanted color, even though we were kinda sorta leaning towards a crisp white. Boring, we know, but we figured it could float from room to room (if need be – who knows!). But after a ridiculous amount of internal debate on our part – even considering your suggestions for a sweet little design like this – it hit me. We could incorporate a unique design element and still have white + color. And so, we did this:

Of course once Scott and I discussed adding a colorful edge to our table, the next question was: which color? While some of you leaned towards teal (we already had plenty on hand from our console table), I remembered we still had a sample jar of coral leftover from our keyboard and printer trays – Behr’s Juicy Passionfruit. Still on the fence, we again asked you in an Instagram face off:

Coral was the clear winner, and I was happily on board – meaning, I must’ve secretly wanted that one to win! After removing the legs, Scott gave them a good polish using Eagle One Nevr-Dull (the same thing we used on our pendant light), and holy ships that stuff is good! For fun (er, our idea of fun anyway), the leg on the left has been polished, and the one on the right… not so much:

I got to work on the tabletop, starting with a small repair where the wood laminate top had chipped, exposing the MDF underneath and leaving a noticeable dip on the side. Using a small piece of craft balsa wood I had on hand, I cut it down to the right size using a utility knife, super glued it in place and spackled the seam.

I sanded the spackle smooth once it was dry, and using the exact same method as my painting table – sand, prime (Zinsser Buls Eye), paint (Behr’s exterior white off-the-shelf and Juicy Passionfruit), and poly (Minwax Polycrylic in satin), I applied the two-toned effect. Here’s how:

After my light sand and two coats of primer, I painted two layers of coral on all the edges, building a good color base. From there, I painted three coats of white on top, and once that was completely dry (I waited overnight), I laid Frog Tape down across the top, one side at a time, then touched up my edges with a mini foam brush. I pulled the Frog Tape up immediately – while the coral was still wet – which helps to give the cleanest line. I repeated that side by side, until all 4 edges were complete.

Because I used exterior paint on the top, I didn’t need to go overboard with the poly, but I did use one coat for good measure, allowed it to dry for 3 days before setting our end table-y things on top.

Now that empty space is perfectly filled, and gone are the days that we’re using the subwoofer as a beer holder-upper:

The two-tone effect is the just-right balance of clean and bright – but fun, too. We don’t have much coral in our home (that is, not counting the studio), so the subtle touch of its use in the living room doesn’t overwhelm or feel out of place. And since we’re limbo-living, who knows how long it’ll actually stay right here. Maybe it’ll even end up in the someday studio – the one inside new walls. (Okay, I professed my superstitious-ness not that long ago, but it’s hard to not get excited amidst a great house hunt!)

Oddly enough, this little project has me thinking this could be a fun for The Pet Shop – a little shot of a contrasting color on the edges of those wood panels. Don’t you think?

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  • Hannah K.2.8.13 - 7:05 AM

    Love it! It’s the PERFECT balance. I think the subtle “fun-ness” makes it all the more fun!

    And yes, this could totally work on a pet portrait! Luckily, we haven’t gotten ours yet!ReplyCancel

  • Adrienne J2.8.13 - 8:32 AM

    I love it! What a great idea that I might have to copy! :) It’ll be so easy to paint the edge again if you do ever decide to move the table to another room.ReplyCancel

  • Susan @ Jubilee Furniture2.8.13 - 8:39 AM

    Wow – I can’t believe how amazing that $20 end table turned out! It’s fabulous! I LOVE the two-tone look!ReplyCancel

  • Kim2.8.13 - 8:42 AM

    Adrienne, yes, that’s what Scott said! We can change up the edge color later if we wish.ReplyCancel

  • So good. Sooo good. I have never had good luck with the Frog Tape delicate surface tape. Once it took paint off a freshly painted wall and another time it bled through. :/ Looks like I’m doing something wrong because your table is perfectly crisp.ReplyCancel

  • Kim2.8.13 - 9:28 AM

    Julia, you know, I’ve heard of others having the same problem with the yellow Frog Tape. We were totally fine with it, but I hardly doubt it was user error on your part! Maybe it was because we laid it on semi-gloss paint, so it came off super easy?ReplyCancel

  • Casey2.8.13 - 12:06 PM

    This turned out so nice, and i agree: just the right balance of clean and bright! A great little pop of color.

    New to your blog, and love seeing updates :)ReplyCancel

  • Kim2.8.13 - 1:38 PM

    Casey, so glad you found us!ReplyCancel

  • Nike Onile2.10.13 - 11:17 AM

    You did an amazing job! Great choice with the coral.

    Nike O.ReplyCancel

  • Cecilia2.10.13 - 4:58 PM

    Cute update! The table looks like it really belongs there now! And that polish is AMAZING.ReplyCancel

  • Helen2.11.13 - 2:58 AM

    Good choice! The coral looks great against the wall color. Yay and you posted the link of centsational girl that I suggested. Love the end table.ReplyCancel

  • Advocate Homes2.11.13 - 6:41 AM

    Have to agree, great choice, transforms the whole look of the table.ReplyCancel

  • Amanda @ Our Humble Abode2.11.13 - 4:22 PM

    I’m so glad you used coral! Such a happy, bright color. And the perfect balance with the white top and shiny legs. In a word, jealous! Although I’m not eyeing a beat up laminate table top… :)ReplyCancel

  • Kim2.11.13 - 5:10 PM

    Thanks, everyone!

    Cecilia, the polish really IS.

    And Helen, I’ve always loved that tutorial!ReplyCancel

  • Trude2.12.13 - 11:20 AM

    Love the touch of color! And I can’t believe how amazing the metal legs look after using that stuff – totally bookmarking so I remember next time I see something at the flea market and turn it down because of the metal.ReplyCancel

    • Kim2.12.13 - 11:27 AM

      Trude, the Nevr-Dull is magic! Rust is gone. GONE! I still can’t believe the outcome when Scott uses that stuff.ReplyCancel

  • I love the little touch of color this brings to the room!ReplyCancel


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