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This + That

Life around our household has felt a little more hectic than usual, but then again, I do feel that things always pick up (for everyone, really!) as the seasons change and we enter the last part of the year (as much as I love my fall themed lattes, cooler air and holiday music, I’m always blindsided by how quickly it sneaks up!). Lately, we’ve been motoring along on the studio baseboards and trim, helping our friends with their entryway and prepping for a yard sale this weekend! At the same time, we’ve been looking forward and planning out the details for rooms we’ll be tackling next, while also going down a checklist of loose ends.

But because I love a good list and my brain couldn’t be more jumbled if I tried (and because TGIF!), here’s a little round-up of those items that don’t warrant their own post (just yet, anyway), but keep us busy or make us happy all the same.

ONE. Let’s start with the happy. When our coffee maker broke on Labor Day morning (spoiler: not the ‘happy’ moment), we found ourselves on a not-so-quick morning hunt to pick up a new one. No big deal. (Ha!) Our unassuming search turned into three different Target pop-ins, an extra errand (or four) and many hours later, we came home with this one – but most importantly, this tape dispenser, too!


Now, here’s the thing. We rarely go to Target, if only because our neighborhood Target is a complete madhouse at any hour of the day; it’s truly terrifying. (Fellow Chicagoans, I’m sure you understand the Elston corridor of horror?) But during the coffee maker hunt, I stopped in my tracks at the office supply section and could not pass this guy up! I’m very un-hip to the Target collections in general, but the entire aisle of shiny gold Threshold* and Nate Berkus items made my un-caffeinated self a happy camper.

TWO. Remember when our stairs looked like this? And then we spent all that time prying nails, patching, sanding and priming? That was last December. December! Soon after, we moved on to other areas of the home, calling our primed stairs good enough. And now? It shows. Without a protective hard paint and finish, they’ve slowly turned into a chipped mess once again. But! We have a game plan, we’ve picked up every last supply to get the job finished – including the floor paint for the treads. Before this month is over – fingers crossed – we’ll have satin black treads, bright white risers and a staircase to write home about. We’re simultaneously filled with full on dread and over-the-top excitement for this one!


THREE. Yes, there are a lot of little (and some not so little, see exhibit A, above!) to-dos on the agenda, but our next big overhaul will be the guest room! While we continue to save for the more extensive bathroom and kitchen facelifts, we’re pushing through with rooms that we can handle in smaller doses. We’ve had so, so many friends and family pass through in the last year (with more visits already on the calendar!), and although we have clean sheets and a bed for them, we’re ready to step up our game and create a room that feels inviting and cozy – but still quirky. With that in mind, we’ve since ordered a roll of this Hygge & West wallpaper for an accent wall, and we could just burst.


In other news (as if this wasn’t already random enough), here are a few other home-related updates for this crew:

  • We took advantage of the screaming Labor Day deals and used up points from our refrigerator purchase to pick up a matching white stove!
  • We’re still obsessing over the funny little nook, and we ordered this rug during a great sale. It’s now on back order (of course!), and so, we wait.
  • Our front lawn is full and green after a perfect summer in Chicago, and we’re sharing the whole run down on Angie’s List! The last photo kills me; CC’s face. Ugh!


So, how are you? Happy weekend, all!

*Sadly, I can’t find a product link to this dachshund dispenser!

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  • Laura @ Rather Square9.5.14 - 7:49 AM

    That wallpaper is great, your guests will love it. Doing something so bold for an accent wall is a fun option. I’m interested to see what the rest of the room will look like!ReplyCancel

  • kara9.5.14 - 8:42 AM

    that wallpaper!! evokes the particular thrill of travel that will be perfect for a guest room.

    and hygge and west! am always intrigued that they’re “screen-printed in chicago.” that would be a fun warehouse to stumble across…maybe you can get a tour for us to tag along vicariously on :)ReplyCancel

    • Kim9.5.14 - 9:26 AM

      Exactly! That’s why we fell in love with it :)

      Oh man, that would be SO fun. We were also intrigued by that little line…ReplyCancel

  • Amber9.5.14 - 9:08 AM

    Before you even said “Elston corridor of horror”, I knew that was where you were headed. (The parking lot of the Homegoods on the weekends is the worst.) Ever since moving to Chicago, I’ve come to loath Target. No matter which one you go to, it’s a madhouse and the employees are steeped in crankiness.ReplyCancel

    • Kim9.5.14 - 9:21 AM

      Right?! Target in Chicago is not the omg-so-fun shopping experience that I imagine others to have. Last time we were visiting my family in Pittsburgh, Scott and I ran into Target and were really spooked… it was SO quiet. Employees smiled! Soft music played overhead. We felt that at any moment, a zombie attack was lurking around the corner!ReplyCancel

  • Maria9.5.14 - 9:20 AM

    Black treads sound lovely, but have you thought about the flip side? They look dirty INSTANTLY.

    It’s not just me, the ladies at ABM chronicle their trials here!

    Just something to think about it!ReplyCancel

    • Kim9.5.14 - 9:29 AM

      Thanks, Maria! I have definitely thought about that a lot too… and we really hope it’s not something we regret! Since we re-worked the entryway so extensively, we’ve imagine black + white stairs, since they’re so classic and feel right for this home, but I won’t lie and say I haven’t thought about the dirt factor!

      On the other hand, our all white primed stairs just don’t provide enough contrast, and the stairs get sort of lost into one another. Eventually, we’d like to add a runner to the stairs, so maybe that will help. All good things to think about though…ReplyCancel

  • laurelry9.5.14 - 10:14 AM

    Hate that Elston Target! Ive stopped going to that one and now go to the one off of Halsted and Divison. Much better parking and a ton quieter. Not too far away from your neighborhood as well.ReplyCancel

  • ann9.5.14 - 10:21 AM

    uh-oh! You’re making your guest room so appealing there will be a waiting list.ReplyCancel

  • tia9.5.14 - 10:56 AM

    i really enjoy seeing the progress on your home. if i wasn’t lazy it’d be inspiring :)ReplyCancel

  • Jodi9.5.14 - 11:49 AM

    ooooh, that wallpaper. can hardly wait to see it up on your walls!ReplyCancel

  • Aileen9.5.14 - 3:54 PM

    I just want to say I love your blog in general, but omg your pups really help. Love following a blog that features pups (especially rescue pitties) so much!ReplyCancel

  • Serena | Pretty Fluffy9.6.14 - 1:39 AM

    How awesome is the doggy tape dispenser?!

    Also love that the wallpaper has the Sydney Opera house on it – so cool :)ReplyCancel

  • wendy9.9.14 - 2:25 PM

    Did I seriously miss a yard sale at YOUR house!?! Bummer. Also, I am madly in love with that wallpaper and must find somewhere to put it right now.ReplyCancel

    • Wendy9.9.14 - 2:27 PM

      Oh! And even though we can walk to the Elston Target (and too often do), they one on Addison is incredibly empty. It’s a little weird that it’s two stories, but it has an awesome cart escalator and no one is ever there.ReplyCancel

      • Kim9.9.14 - 3:48 PM

        Oh, no! Yeah, it was this past Saturday. Your friends (our neighbors) stopped by, we got to meet Lex and they bought a grill! Thanks for the top on the Addison Target.ReplyCancel

  • […] the back wall, we used wallpaper primer because – wallpaper! As mentioned here, we picked up a roll of Cities Toile in black and gold, and I hate to be a tease, but we just […]ReplyCancel

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