The Week’s End, Super Dogs and a Renegade Preview

Per the norm around these parts, the weekend was a hectic one. What with the Chicago Renegade Fair only a few weeks away (for more information, see the new button on the sidebar over to the right!), the holidays fast approaching and canine eye surgeries to help fund, let’s just say there’s not a lot of time for chillin’ hard.

Saturday morning found us outside historic Wrigley Field where we took part in a fundraising dog walk to help New Leash on Life and our friends at Two Pitties in the City raise some bucks to help Super Levi get the corrective eye surgery that he desperately needs. We don’t want the adorable little guy flying around blind, now do we? The walk was a blast, Jack returned home a tired and happy pup, we raised more than enough money to help Mister Levi and we even had time for a photo op in front of the famous marquee. The Cubs organization was even kind enough to put NLOL up in lights (but on the other hand, go Sox!). High 5!

Later in the afternoon, our Renegade booth mate, Grandpa Pete (I mean, the guy loves cardigans and carves tobacco pipes. Is there any other nickname he could possibly have?), and I were off to our local Home Depot where we picked up the supplies to pimp our booth to the fullest. Don’t get me wrong- last year’s display turned out great, but this year’s will be on a completely different level.

After supplies were gathered, we headed off to Pete’s warehouse work space (that he shares with a few other motorcycle gear-heads) to start assembling the backdrop that will proudly advertise our respective brand names for all to see.

If things have seemed a tiny bit slow around the blog recently it’s largely because my lovely wife has been cranking out your pet portraits and craft fair merch (including the soon-to-be gift certificates!) like gangbusters. And believe you me, I’m not about to make a button wreath without her. (And yes, it’s on her agenda this year.) Thank you for still tuning in every day, sending us emails, and all around keeping in touch one way or another as we stay busy, busy on the back end.

So! That was our weekend in a nutshell. How was yours?

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  • Emily @ Our Waldo Bungie11.14.11 - 9:13 AM

    That is so cool that the marquee was for NLOL! Super bummed I couldn’t be there to walk with you all this weekend – but glad Levi had so many supporters and was able to raise the money he needs!

    I will be hovering over my husband at his laptop soon to ensure he buys that gift certificate! :)ReplyCancel

  • Two PItties in the City11.14.11 - 11:22 AM

    Your photos are amazing as always, and I love seeing this recap of SuperLevi’s walk! I especially love the photo of High-5 Jack. We are so excited to see you guys at Renegade. It’s still amazing how much you’re able to pack into one weekend!ReplyCancel

  • Margaret11.14.11 - 3:28 PM

    Awww…super cute! Your Jack is a sorta a male version of my Sydney :)Glad you raised money for SuperLevi and had a great time doing it!!ReplyCancel

  • Jen11.14.11 - 4:15 PM

    I love a successful doggie fundraiser. Congrats on meeting the goal!ReplyCancel

  • Claudia11.14.11 - 4:16 PM

    Love the pic of Jack giving the high five. Lola misses him.ReplyCancel

  • katie11.15.11 - 8:45 AM

    a friend of mine who lives in chicago posted similar pictures from the new leash on life event on facebook. small world!ReplyCancel

  • Caitlin11.16.11 - 9:33 AM

    Cute pups!! Looks like they all had fun.


  • Tina11.22.11 - 8:19 PM

    I came across this awesome blog post on pit bulls the other day. Thought you might like it too..

  • Kim11.22.11 - 8:51 PM

    Tina, thank you! I just learned about the “Nanny” dog the other day, and I had no idea that used to be a nickname. Loved this article!ReplyCancel

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