The Week’s End (and the Teeniest of Sneak Peeks)

Over dinner on Saturday night, our friend Jess told us that she imagined our weekends played to the soundtrack of Flight of the Bumblebee. I almost choked on my wine, and we were still laughing at that thought on Sunday night, because you guys, the last couple of days really felt that way.

We spent the first real money towards the new home (you know, not counting the actual mortgage!), picking up tools and supplies at the hardware store: dust masks, new safety goggles, fancy pantsy bright yellow workers gloves, and a sledgehammer! We continued the packing of our still-current home, chiseling away at the studio (sniff, sniff) and filling our donation box to the brim. By Sunday, our home felt unraveled; boxes are piled high in the kitchen, and we’re doing our best to pack every single thing that we don’t use on a daily basis. It’s so tempting to keep going while the momentum is high, but we still have to eat here. And wear clothes. And watch House Hunters marathons – even as those couples infuriate us with every episode.

But Sunday. Sunday! Scott did the a final walk through with each of the (now former) tenants, and we spent the afternoon at the new house, dreaming up ideas and making decisions with our friend, Nancy, architect/therapist/motivator extraordinaire. Our heads are spinning in every direction, and this week, we’ll start tearing into drywall, leveling floors and repairing windows – gah! With so much on our list of to-dos, please bear with us as we begin to fully document each room and take care of all those things that start piling up (utility swapping, room scrubbing and running our 10th trip to the Depot in a single day).

It’s happening! It’s hard to believe that Scott and I have been discussing our “someday” home for years (since the beginning of our time together!), and it’s here. The time is now. We promise more photos and a tour as soon as possible; it seems as though every day is moving faster than the one before. But, soon.

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  • Marie (from France)7.1.13 - 8:46 AM

    I haven’t said congratulations yet to you guys but I’m really happy for you. Hope you’ll keep the chandelier on the 3rd picture ;-) And good luck for your home improvement! I don’t often comment but I read each and every word you’re publishing here and I really enjoy following your adventures.

    PS: please, feel free to correct my English. It would really be nice of you (email me if needed). See you.ReplyCancel

  • Jackie7.1.13 - 8:56 AM

    Teasers!!! I see tons of great light!!!ReplyCancel

    • Kim7.1.13 - 9:00 AM

      Marie, from Chicago to France, thank you!

      Jackie, the light is really out of control. Eek!ReplyCancel

  • zandi7.1.13 - 10:25 AM

    haha i always talk about how much i hate every. single. couple on house hunters (especially the ones that say “man cave” a lot), but yet here i am, having seen nearly every episode ever aired.ReplyCancel

    • Kim7.1.13 - 10:31 AM

      Zandi, not to mention how awful a home is based on wall colors. Because we all know – that’s impossible to change! ;)ReplyCancel

  • dervla7.1.13 - 10:52 AM

    can’t wait to see more!ReplyCancel

  • Cait @ Hernando House7.1.13 - 12:09 PM

    Wow the natural light is gorgeous! And those floors! I hope they are in good shape, they’re amazing! I seriously love it already! So, so happy for you guys!ReplyCancel

  • Kim7.1.13 - 12:13 PM

    Cait, the floors are okay – but the floor itself is SO lopsided! Photos can be deceiving… but yes, the natural light is a game changer!ReplyCancel

  • Michelle7.1.13 - 2:41 PM

    Im so excited to see this process! The light does look amazing!ReplyCancel

  • Awesome! I’m excited to see your new casa!ReplyCancel

  • Can’t wait to see more!! :)ReplyCancel

  • Emma7.1.13 - 10:08 PM

    Congratulations! The sneak peeks look so lovely! It’s HD time – oh how I remember the initial HD days. You’ll go from multiple trips a weekend down to just one trip, and then progress to the occasional weekend *gasp* without a HD trip. But all in good time. It’s a fun journey so bon voyage!ReplyCancel

  • Helen7.2.13 - 12:42 AM

    Ohhh House Hunters! There’s always an “obstacle” in every episode!
    Love the sneak peak, and those lights from the 80’s… :-OReplyCancel

  • Staci @ My Friend Staci7.2.13 - 1:15 AM

    Omg!!! How amazing is that 1908s-ish sconce(?) in photo #4!! Please find a way to incorporate it somehow. I know you can make it work with your tongue-in-cheek style!ReplyCancel

  • Yay! Good luck! Remember to stay hydrated and to give yourself enough time (and permission) to stop when you need to. (Maybe you don’t have that problem?)

    Hahaha! House Hunters is SO addictive. It’s such a great way to peer into other people’s homes. Have you ever looked up the drinking game? There are a lot of versions, but most of them award drinks based on common phrases – wall color complaints, references to the closet being big enough for her but where will HE put his stuff?, lack of stainless steel appliances/granite (you know things that are impossible to go to a store and purchase).ReplyCancel

  • Kim7.2.13 - 8:46 AM

    The light fixtures are not as awesome as they appear! Promise.

    Heather, that sounds like our kind of drinking game! Where will he put HIS stuff – and then everyone chuckles. Good times.ReplyCancel

  • Cait @ Hernando House7.2.13 - 9:00 AM

    That’s sad about the floors! Hopefully leveling them isn’t too tough.ReplyCancel


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