Thank You, Thank You

It’s been a tough handful of weeks, but as we ready ourselves to a full day of grazing and lazing with some of our best friends this Thanksgiving holiday, we know there’s so much to be thankful for.

Thrown in with our recent rocky road has been a lot of good, too – our warm and cozy home, family (and friends we consider to be so), a busy Shop season, Christmas tunes (for me), bourbon (for him), and three very healthy, very hairy four-legged kiddos (to name just a few).

Also, cats in paper hats. That’s really (funny) good.

Of course, thank you for reading, leaving us notes and inspiring us daily. Your drop-ins and support make our world go ’round – really! And a million thank yous for your sweet comments, emails, texts and tweets spurred from Monday’s brain purge. You all made us smile, and it gave us fuzzy feelings.

We wish you a merry, happy day!

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