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Sweet Friday

It’s been a busy week, and I didn’t get as much done as I would have liked. I’ve been making these insane lists, but I still lay awake at night going over the tick marks – it seems my brain has started to outsmart my list-making type-A self. Scott’s been patient with my, um, let’s call it moodiness, as he’s always at the ready with a glass of wine (what a guy!).

I took this photo of Maddie a few weeks ago. See her? She’d smooshed herself under the “lip” of our just-made bed, creating her own warm pocket. It’s hectic times like these when I think, she knows what she’s doing! Smarty.

All the rush, rush has been for good reason (I think). With our Renegade acceptance (wahoo!), our minds have been buzzing with new ideas, and we’re already looking forward to the packed fest, meeting new people (you guys, too, hopefully!) and displaying all those things that we’ve been working hard on. In addition, our new site for this Yellow Brick Home is thisclose to completion, and we’ll likely be pulling the trigger this weekend. If you see a maintenance message over the next couple of days, you’ll know why! Just imagine me on the other end of your monitor with a CSS and html headache. (I’m kidding! Kind of.)

While I’d like to remember my lessons in learning backwards, it can be tough as the holidays draw near. Do you feel this as well?

In any case, it’s Friday – whoot! – and we do have a few to-dos this weekend (the new site launch included, fingers crossed we don’t jinx ourselves), but we’ll also be celebrating the Halloween weekend around our neighborhood. A midnight viewing of The Exorcist is on the agenda – playing at our local theater, eee! – and we’ll see if we can’t get Jackie Boy to dress up, too.

We wish you a fun, haunting weekend!

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  • Rachel H10.26.12 - 1:32 PM

    I’m excited to see the new site!

    I wanted to drop in and let you know about this amazeballs list-making site I use. It’s called Trello ( and there is a coordinating app that updates instantly whenever changes are made from the website (and vice versa). It’s helped me organize house projects, etsy orders, and shopping lists in one place. It probably sounds like I’m getting paid to tell you about it, but I really just love it that much! And it’s FREE! You should check out the video on their page. We started using it at work, and I made my own board for my hectic life. Maybe it will make lists a little easier for you as well! :) Happy Friday!ReplyCancel

    • Kim10.26.12 - 2:35 PM

      Rachel, thank you for the suggestion! I’ll have to look into Trello. My lists are getting a bit out of hand, so I could use a little help!ReplyCancel

  • Ada (new york)10.31.12 - 5:51 AM

    Maddie is such a cutie-pie!!! Oooh, how I wish I could stay in bed snuggled in some times. Instead, I have been up since 4am (eeeek!) … catching up on a few things (inlcuding the blogshere) … which means I may SPLAT (crash by 3pm zzzzz) :)ReplyCancel

    • Kim10.31.12 - 9:04 AM

      Oh, no! Get some sleep and be safe on the east coast!ReplyCancel

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