Summer Vacation

Remember when we were just young kiddos, and summer meant vacation? Well, add to that our part time jobs at the ice cream shop, sport camps, and lawn mowing. And then we grow up and have these pesky responsibilities and self-imposed guilt (’cause who else is gonna get shizz done?), and the word vacation alone is enough to send you into freak-out mode – how to fit it in, can we afford the time off, and who’ll put the mail in our turtle?

But then you realize, holy cow, vacation is so, so necessary. Because if you’re panicked just by hearing that word (and you start feeling like this big, brown dog), then good jeebus, it’s time for one. And right now, it’s time.

My main man and I will be taking a step back for the next several days and putting everything on hold. I have hopes to sleep in – guilt-free, and he plans to try the same (always the early bird, that boy). Luckily, we’re surrounded by an amazing online community, and these (awesome! wonderful! lovely!) virtual house guests have stepped up to keep our corner of the web nice and cozy:

Each (again, awesome! and wonderful!) guest has whipped up a slew of great reads, projects, and glimpses into their own lives, and we know you’ll find them every bit as, um, well, wonderful as we do. But oh, we’ll be around; no you haven’t rid of us just yet. Don’t you know we love you, vacation or not? xo.

PS… The Pet Shop is still open for business during so-called vacation, and we’re happily accepting orders!

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