Sassy New Home

Er, virtual home, that is. Our digs should look a little different around here, so if you’re viewing this in a Reader or via email, click over to see what’s new! I spent a few minutes of Saturday importing the new design, then a few hours fixing all those details lost in translation. Halloweekend night had me calling it “good enough” until Sunday night, when I spent a few more hours tightening all those loose screws. Needless to say, we’re thrilled with our new home.

Sunday morning, however, put a smile on my face when Carrie tweeted us a nice note on our “sassy new redesign” – just what we needed to hear after fussing for so long. Thank you, Carrie!

So, what’s different? (You know, aside from the actual look of it all.) To start, we’ve added a new button for all of our travel photography – including our weekends in town, because our city is too beautiful! – which will take you straight to all our photo-heavy posts. (You know we love those!)

We’ve also included a little round up of our more popular posts, but we snuck in a few of our favorites as well. We’ll rotate them in and out as the mood strikes, so keep an eye out for blasts from the past every now and then. (It’ll help to keep old timey posts from getting too dusty!)

Our project gallery received an overhaul (see it up there on our main menu bar?), which we think will make it much easier to navigate. You’ll find everything broken down into twelve easy categories, which will delve into everything from maintaining our furry kids to our fourth terrarium to hacking Ikea shoe bins.

With our freshly made-over sidebar, we’ve brought in the addition of sponsors and affiliates. We look forward to partnering with businesses whose values and aesthetics align with our own, and whose products or services we would use ourselves. (And if you’re interested in working with us, we’d love to talk!)

Our first sponsor is Kalliart (you may remember her amazing jewelry from here), and she’s offering 10% off orders through December 31st when you use the coupon code YBH12 during checkout. Plus, free gift-wrapping is always included!

We’re also receiving love from another shop we adore (they’re all over our home!): Row Boat Press. And right now, they’re offering 15% off anything using the code YELLOWBRICKHOME.

You’ll also see an updated bio, all those very social places you can find us (you’ll never find a shortage of Jack snaps on Twitter or Instagram!), and a wider content area. And as always, you can reach our Pet Shop from the sidebar, too.

If anything seems funny on your browser or items aren’t loading properly, please let us know. We’ve been learning the bloggy-layout ropes ourselves, so there’s sure to be a kink or two. In any case, we hope you enjoy the new look (what do you think?) and have fun poking around!

Thank you for reading – you make our day.

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