Rosemary Chicken Burgers

This recipe is no secret, as it was just featured in the latest (and last, oh no!) issue of ReadyMade magazine. However, recipes come and go – some are good, some are bad, some get filed in the archives with other amazing must-eats, and some get tossed in the waste bin with not so much of a sayonara. Here’s the deal. This one got filed to the top of the pile, so it’s the first one we see as we plan every summer barbecue. Find the how-to right here.

We whipped these up for the grill a few weeks ago, but as with most folks in these summer months, time escaped us, and we’d yet to share the verdict with you. But with the recent passing of our most beloved publication, now’s the time.

You’d be crazy to think we actually spared any leftovers for the kiddo. Because, you see, there were none. Every last bite – gone. Down the gullets.

Now how ’bout that long weekend ahead of us? Four and a half days and counting, but still. What’ll be on your grill? Let’s swap some recipes.

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