Renegade Wrap Up & Mystery Solved

As promised (and despite the scummy gray skies), the hubs and I slipped on our rain boots and hurried off to the Renegade Craft Fair this past Saturday. Can we just say, holy cow? While the not so great weather kept the crowds at bay for the first few hours, soon enough we found ourselves weaving in and out with the throngs of folks (and barely halfway through the vendor tents) 4 hours after we first got there. Whoa. My, Renegade, how you’ve grown.

And although we were beginning to feel like over stimulated zombies, we did make sure to get our freebie photo booth shots (complete with a big barrel of props) before we caught the bus back home.

Our favorites? Let’s just say we snagged a business card from every booth that caught our eye. As a result, I had an overflowing pocket of pint-sized calling cards by the time we called it a day. Of course, we found a few of our familiar favorites, such as Little Korboose, Urban Posture, and The Frantic Meerkat. Added to the mix were a few new-to-us finds, such as funky pillows and prints from Shapes & Colors, stunning letterpress from Paper Parasol, Beau Ideal, and Bison, along with too cute kitty cards from Kate Funk, surface graphics from One Up, and ultra hip prints from I’m Smitten.

But perhaps the highlight of our day was solving a little mystery that’s been stumping the Vargo abode for too long now. A few years ago at this same fair, we purchased a print that made our hearts flutter. Since then, it’s traveled around the home, starting first above our bed and ultimately landing high and proud above our front door.

Since then, we’ve been asked on numerous occasions who the artist is. There’s no signature (just the numbered edition of 49/50), and our Google sleuthing has turned up zero results. Here’s a better look at the same print, although ours came sans Mike Gordon.

Now, queue the angels singing. During our Renegade rounds, we stumbled upon Nate Duval, and we just knew. One conversation later (umm, did you ever make a print of a bear with 10 legs? Yes, 10 legs), our mystery was solved. For all of those who have ever wondered, there you have it. Our great big bear (and tiny bunny) came from Nate Duval, and we’ve since updated our constantly evolving source list. Phew.

Aside from more jewelry booths than we’ve remembered in the past (and I’m a barely-there accessory gal), it was a long, good day – and don’t you know we came home with a little goody to add to our home. (And we may have pre-ordered a little somthin’ else, but mum’s the word for now). Of course, what fun would it be if we spilled all those beans now? Stay tuned, and a very merry Monday to you all.

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