Renee’s Living Room Redo: Part 3

You’ve gotten a good glimpse at the before-makeover phase, and you’ve seen the car spilling over with home treats.  But to give away the final finish so soon would be too easy.  How about a few teasers instead? In one day, with one iPod playlist, a team of three eager beavers (the YBH crew plus Renee), and twelve hours, we…

….cleaned.  In a building that’s over one-hundred years old, this is to be expected.  I’m kind of a bona fide dork in that I actually enjoy cleaning, so this was no big deal.  Even still, we divvied up the duties fair enough, and Scott, being the manly man that he is, got down on his hands and knees and cleared out the ol’ fireplace with a trusty broom and dustpan.  Across the room, I sucked up paint chips from the windowsill, and Renee dutifully scrubbed down the baseboards and emptied the vacuum.


…stripped.  (Keep is classy, folks!) We found happiness in a nine dollar bottle of gooey Klean-Strip, and in this, we discovered at least three layers of paint lurking beneath the already burgundy colored fireplace floor.  The most amusing color? An unexpected minty green.


…painted.  My favorite part of changing the color in any room is that first roll on the wall.  The instant gratification warms my guts, and I usually spend at least a minute admiring that chunk of color from all angles.  This color? Glidden’s “Smooth Stone” with a flat finish. See ya, contracter’s cream.


…and heck, we even spiffed up a door.  The expected apartment white wash of the stale, neutral paint not only covered Renee’s entire room, but it also found it’s way onto the baseboards, windowill, and doors.  There was no way we would put our love into a room and neglect the white accents that make our hard work pop.  And that was that.  The door, sill, and boards also got a brand new bag.


We didn’t stop there.  The whole redo kit ‘n kaboodle included refinishing a table, piecing together a FLOR rug, installing curtains and shelving, fluffing up some fun, new accessories, and repurposing a bookcase.  Phew.  I can easily say that the reward was worth the work, and it’s almost hard for me to not just bust out those after photos for you right here and now.  But I promise the big reveal soon, pinky swear.

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  • Renee Gooch9.29.09 - 7:05 AM

    ooooh…I can’t wait to see the reveal…even though it’s my apartment and I get to live in it now!! Still can’t believe how wonderful it is. But I want all my friends to see it too! Thanks again Kim & Scott. I feel so lucky to have friends with such great talent!ReplyCancel

  • I love that paint color (it’s in my bedroom). I’m excited to see what you do with it.ReplyCancel

  • Susana Andres de Lucas10.1.09 - 5:44 PM

    Kim, Scott, great job!!! I am at Renee’s and I love what you did !!! it’s like the decorating TV Show’s that i watch all the time trying to get inspiration but this is live! I hope i get to meet you soon. CiaoReplyCancel

    • Kim10.2.09 - 10:10 AM

      Thank you for the kind words, Susana!ReplyCancel

  • Kelly10.5.09 - 10:21 AM

    The suspense is killing me!! :)ReplyCancel

  • Marcy Tate10.6.09 - 2:00 AM

    Talking about color, what’s that cute color on your toes? :) I am also looking forward to seeing the finished pics.ReplyCancel


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