Renee’s Bedroom Redo: Part 1

Last Fall, the hubs and I tackled our first start-to-finish room makeover for our pal, the lovely Miss Renee. Her second floor walk up in the heart of Andersonville, a hoppin’ neighborhood in our fair city, is chock full of Chicago charm. From the gorgeous hardwood floors to the tall, wide windows, Renee’s home has potential up the wazoo. Which is why we were thrilled to give her the hands on treatment in her living room last September, and we’re practically bursting that she’s asked us for help again, this time in the bedroom. (For a trip down memory lane, you can check out her living room redo from start to finish: Parts 1, 2, 3, and 4).

So what’s a good makeover without those before shots? Renee’s bedtime retreat measures in at 9’x11′, which is more than enough real estate to turn this space into a restful, relaxing haven.

You’ll notice little Elsie on her favorite perch atop the tallboy dresser. I can’t remember a time when Emma wasn’t in that spot. Boy, I hope she’s not too mad when we start kicking up the dust. (And yes, you really do see two dressers. For one girl. And no, we will not stand for it. We’ll call it tough love).

With her vision and ours, we’ll be transforming this bare bones space into a room that she’d like to boast. At least, that’s the plan. I’ve got ants in my pants just thinking about the things we have in store. My paint rollers are ready for their workout, and I know Scott is charging those power tool batteries. Oh, yes.

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