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Pet Beds with Janery (+ Something for You, Too!)


Finding a good pet bed might be one of the most difficult things we’ve done in this home – never mind tearing down ceilings or laying tile! No, no, it’s a decent dog bed that seems to be the struggle – ha! I wish I was kidding, but does anyone else feel this way? Our huge pups make the task even more of a challenge, as we’re constantly looking for something that can be fully washed and dried, not to mention, it has to look good.

I’ve been friends with Jane from Janery for several years now; she was one of our very first Pet Shop supporters, and I feel as though we’ve taken parallel journeys down the pet loving path in the time we’ve known each other. Jane creates handmade, quality pet beds sourced from materials made in the USA (yes and yes!), and for the last couple of months, Jack and CC have been nuzzling up to Janery’s Merlin Mats:


We have been through so many dog beds, but the reason we love our Merlin Mats is because the whole thing can be thrown into the wash – stuffing and all! It’s a thinly padded cushion that’s great for lining crates and protecting furniture, but our duo enjoy it as a regular bed just as much. (Most mornings, CC will nip her mat from her crate and bring it over to my desk while I work – which is so cute, I almost can’t handle.)


Our favorite use of the Merlin Mat is for keeping their endless shedding fur off of the car’s interior during travel, but of course the same could be said for saving your bed linens or most comfortable upholstered chair! This past weekend, we visited my family in Pittsburgh, but let’s be honest – we were really there to finally meet the newest addition to our family, Nanook. I noticed that my parents had found a slipcover to protect their couch from his fluffy coat, but I’m thinking I know what Nanook’s getting for Christmas.


Now, it may seem that it’s all about the pups around here, but Maddie and Libby got a piece of the Janery action, too! (We love those little old ladies – their kitty kingdom is coming!) The Catnip Cuddler has 1/4 cup of, you guessed it, catnip hidden inside, making it extra appealing to our girls.


We chose the Bricks pattern in gray and navy for our clan, with the Catnip Cuddlers featuring a small velcro opening for you to refresh your catnip after every washing (velcro is exclusive to the Bricks pattern only):


We’ve had our pet mats for a handful of months, and they’ve all been through several washings and held up like a champ! Next on our wish list? These waterproof Charlie Cushions. Excuse me while I shop, but in the meantime, Janery is offering everyone 15% off anything in the shop when you use the promo code YBH2015 at checkout! And you have the chance to win $100 worth of store credit by entering right here.*

*Giveaway and promotion runs through this Friday, November 20th. Happy shopping and good luck!

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  • Ryan11.17.15 - 12:32 PM

    The pet bed struggle is REAL. I’m not going to spend a fortune because my girls are rough on EVERYTHING. They also have to be washable. Right now, the beds in my house all have removable washable covers, but an all-in one solution sounds great too. I just try to get as much cushion in there as possible for the old lady in the house…have to be gentle on her joints. Oh, and WHY are all dog beds stuck in the 90s fabric-wise? I don’t care how comfy you are, brown corduroy memory foam monstrosity, you are not crossing my threshold. I have a couple of donut beds from west paw design and they’re pretty great. But washing the cushions is a bit of a chore. Thanks for the tip on the new (to me) source!ReplyCancel

    • Kim11.17.15 - 12:42 PM

      It’s SO real, ha! I love Janery’s Charlie Cushions are super plush, but they have a waterproof lining. That’s definitely next on our list. The other thing you could do to keep things super fluffy is use the Merlin Mats on top of your current beds – as an extra layer but also to keep things easy wash-wise.

      Ugh, we feel you on the bed struggle. We’re so happy to have this as a source, too!ReplyCancel

  • Liz11.17.15 - 8:13 PM

    Ugh dog beds! So impossible. Add in the fact that our Saint Bernard mix is 100lbs with bad hips and I’ve never found beds that are big enough, plush enough, good quality, and reasonably priced. I just might be ordering the Charlie Cushion in navy herringbone for Christmas…ReplyCancel

  • Piper11.18.15 - 8:38 AM

    We have two just-about-a-year-old corgis and in that time I have been through probably 7 beds! They chew on any bed we give them, ripping apart fabric and stuffing. Now, they have claimed a large sheepskin rug we own as their bed, and w it works for everyone! They don’t chew on it, and it can be brushed and shaken to remove dirt, and washed if they have an accident on it. However, the hanging dry and reconditioning does take a few days. So, I have a question regarding your new source for beds- do you think they would be chew-proof? They look like they’re thin enough to not be too tempting to rip apart, but I don’t want to buy another just to have them destroy it!ReplyCancel

    • Jane11.18.15 - 9:10 AM

      Hey Piper! I hear you on the chewing – that’s something that a lot of dog owners struggle with. I wouldn’t guarantee my dog beds against chewing, because I’ve found that dogs can be so determined sometimes! However I know some people find that my Merlin Mats are less interesting to pups because they’re thin and low profile, as opposed to large beds that feel like enormous stuffed toys.

      I’ve been researching ultra strong canvas fabrics and have found a good source, and hope to release a line of extra-tough pet beds by the end of winter. They won’t be in patterns, but will be in fun, bright colors. If you enter the giveaway via the link above, or follow me on Instagram (@shopjanery) you can find out when I release them.ReplyCancel

      • Kim11.18.15 - 9:46 AM

        Jane, I didn’t think about that – Jack and CC don’t have much interest on nibbling on their Merlin Mats, but it could be because they don’t feel like a big stuffed animal!

        Piper, Jane also offers free sample swatches of the fabric, so you could feel it in person!ReplyCancel

  • Bonnie11.18.15 - 8:56 AM

    That bit about CC dragging her bed by your desk to sleep by you…I DIE. Oh man, could your furry family get any more adorable or cuddly?!?ReplyCancel

    • Kim11.18.15 - 9:46 AM

      UGH, CC. She’s seriously too much, right?!ReplyCancel

  • […] asked Kim, the talented pet portrait artist and DIYer at Yellow Brick Home to collaborate with me on choosing some new patterns, and I was ecstatic when she said yes! I love […]ReplyCancel

  • Laura11.18.15 - 7:03 PM

    Those beds are too cute but I LOVE the rug! Where is it from?!ReplyCancel

    • Kim11.19.15 - 7:23 AM

      Thank you! We picked it up from a vintage shop.ReplyCancel

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