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Our Favorites’ Favorites: A Little Paint

Meet Gloria, head honcho behind A Little Paint and color lover extraordinaire (girl after my own heart, I say).  After an email exchange declaring and confirming our mutual love of patterns and the power of a little mix and match, I knew she was on track to keep our virtual home cozy.

I’ve been pretty busy this year. I started my blog,  A Little Paint, almost a year ago to keep up with all of the projects on my house. Without my “internet proof” of decor accomplishments it would be way to easy to forget all of the hard work it has taken to get my house to where it is now. I was scrolling through my project gallery to figure out which project I wanted to feature and finally narrowed it down to the one that I encounter the most, my closet.

I’m one of those girls who changes their outfit six times before leaving. Not always, but way too often. It’s not so much that I’m a fashionista, I’m just looking for the perfect mix of comfy and business. The before picture is from our first tour of the house – I love the extra shelf that was built from the unpainted wood, but didn’t care for the look it gave.


I gave it a new coat of paint, but not just any color, BM’s Bermuda Turquoise. Even though my closet is medium small, why not give it a moody bold color? It’s been almost a year and while it isn’t always this clean, it’s always appreciated.

So basically everything in this closet it my favorite part… Especially the black chandelier that I bought from Hobby Lobby for $25. I got mine over three years ago and saw it in the stores last week. It’s not hardwired, but a plug in. I just thought it was weird that my closet has an outlet. This is the smallest closet I’ve ever had, but none have ever had an outlet. My second favorite thing is the hangers. I realize they are a bit bold and colorful and maybe not everyone’s cup of tea, but I’m just glad to have matching hangers for under $25. Walmart sells colorful hangers in packs of 10 for $1. I wildly underestimated how much clothing I own because I had to go back THREE times to get all that I needed.

This shelf was an original built in and is perfect for my jeans. Organized like a crazy person it’s like first shelf, skinny jeans organized by wash, second shelf, flare and bootcut organized by wash, then colored/non blue jeans and then skirts.

Next to it, I was able to hang my jewelry organizer from Urban Outfitters which was the perfect size. Since I don’t have a lot of jewelry, it didn’t need much space.


On the other wall I mounted some drawers that I had spray painted black. I bought these for $1 each at the ReStore and have never regretted it. Those little cubbies are invaluable when trying to organize the “odds and ends” belts and whatnots. Not sure if you can tell, but there’s two. Again, seriously good investment. And who can forget James Dean, what a handsome feller.


On the floor is a zebra rug that was given to me. Since the door is on an angle, there isn’t exactly a rug made to the right size so I just tucked in the corner that would have stuck out. Having a rug was a huge deal to me since my closet sits on the corner of the house and doesn’t exactly stay warm in Oklahoma winters especially with travertine tile underneath.


So that’s all of my closet. Even though it’s a tiny space, it still packs a punch. I have a lot of neutrals throughout the rest of my house so it’s nice to open the door and it be like BAM! GOOD MORNING! If you want to see the original post on my blog check it out here.

Thank you, Gloria!

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