Organizing the Junk, Part II

With the rest of the home in complete chaos (although, we’re making great progress!), I was in dire need to regain some semblance of sanity. After trying to find a ballpoint pen that actually worked in our kitchen “junk” drawer and not finding a single one, I went into full on crazy mode. Putting all other matters aside (including the original task at hand and Operation Studio), I took to my laptop and virtually hit up The Container Store. After a few quick drawer measurements, I found these for about $1.50 (or less) a piece:

One of each size turned out to be a perfect fit. I used their free “click and pick up” option, paid online and Scott snagged them on his way home from work. Last year, I confessed that we actually have four so-called junk drawers, and we were lucky enough to tidy up the bottom two with the help of Skubb compartments from Ikea. Unfortunately, the Skubbs were too deep for the top two, and I even mentioned my excitement of finding an excuse to go to my organization heaven. Since then (last May!), the drawer that looked like this had grown into this:

More useless pens, more unused coupons (because I never did take them down to the car as reader Amy suggested, tisk tisk), an iPad Smart Cover that we need to sell (want one?) and an overflowing binder of take out menus made my type A skin all itchy. But after 20 minutes of organization and for less than $5 in container storage, it looked like this:

After pulling everything out of the drawer, I wiped it down (how did it get so dusty?) and began weeding through the chaos. I tossed dozens of expired coupons, tested every pen and, strange as it may sound, found a tube of puppy ear medication and stashed it with Libby’s asthma pills (really). I even went so far as to gut our take out binder, stashing like cuisines together (Chinese and sushi, pizza and Italian, etc.).

In addition to delivery options (which, to be honest, is not a necessity anymore with Grub Hub in our lives), the second half of the binder holds print outs of our favorites recipes.

A half hour of my time away from calculating the studio’s gallery wall was well worth it. Now, if only I had enough steam to tackle the booze drawer. Another day, I suppose.

Does January’s end and new year resolutions (it’s February? Yeah, this revelation is coming a week late) have you organizing, too? And how do you wrangle the menus from your favorite delivery joints?

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  • Your junk drawer looks pretty tame compared to our old one. Now that we’ve redone the kitchen, I’ve found a smaller junk drawer = less junk IN the drawer. Maybe choosing a smaller drawer would help, too. But I’m glad you’ve wrangled your stuff. Isn’t it funny how something as small as a pen can set your pants on fire?

    Over the weekend, Ben told me I had a lot of crap. So I started looking and realized, (dun dun dun) he’s RIGHT! So I clean out our guest bedroom closet that I had taken over with my craft supplies. You’re not alone, Kim. :)ReplyCancel

  • Jen2.8.12 - 3:26 PM

    That looks good in theory but every time I go get those things? They end up in the garage and add even more clutter!! We’re hopeless!ReplyCancel

  • YAY! Feels good doesn’t it?

    I am a Container Store Junkie myself. Really I think I have a problem! Some people look at adult materials late into the night, I browse The Container Store website.ReplyCancel


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