Oh, Sweet Friday (and New Year Promises)

We don’t do resolutions. Never really have, and with the yearly load I tend to pile on our plates (as if you could consider crafty goodness and wall painting a “load,” I mean, really) – I’m not sure we ever really will. But when I asked Scott if the year of eleven would be any different, I was told we had to re-evaluate our financial obligations. Gag. Ew.

With a stupidly high cable bill (and cheap-o Hulu taking over the world), we’re thinking we’ll hit that one first. Perhaps we’ll follow it up with a little cell service swap and maybe – okay, really – we’ll hunker down and try another hand at lowering our mortgage payments. Sheesh, what’s with the heavy topic?

I told you we don’t do resolutions.

But. It’s another sweet, sweet Friday, and a long weekend at that. Whoot! We wish you all a warm, safe and happy night – and fingers crossed you’ll find the time to sip the bubbly, too. Happy new year, all!

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  • Jill12.31.10 - 9:44 AM

    You won’t miss cable. We have a 10 buck a month subscription to Netflix (watch instant movies on our TV too) and that more than suffices. And yes, refinancing is a bitch but so worth it. We refinanced before Leo came and that helped so much! Good luck, guys!!! We’re so adult (I guess we are almost 30, YIKES!). WTF?!?!ReplyCancel

  • Jenn L @ Peas and Crayons12.31.10 - 12:05 PM

    HAPPY HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!!xoxoReplyCancel

  • Kim12.31.10 - 4:13 PM

    Jill, we’re going to be right down your alley soon enough! Scott’s already looked into switching off our cable, although… we’re a little worried about how to handle the NHL playoffs (I know, I know.)

    Jenn, happy new year to you!ReplyCancel

  • Jill12.31.10 - 8:03 PM

    Ah shoot, the playoffs!!! Bummer, dude. You’ll figure something out. Technology will come through, I tell ya’.ReplyCancel

  • pixie1.1.11 - 11:50 AM

    I could do without cable for the most part; I would miss HGTV (although not as much as I used to…too many home BUYING shows and not enough home DECOR shows…oops, sorry for the mini rant). The problem is I have the bundled cable and internet and I could NOT do without the internet.

    I myself and hunkering down with a savings goal for the year…not so much a resolution. I’d love to buy a place but prices seem to be creeping back up out of my range. Oh well, continue to save and one day…ReplyCancel

  • Daniel1.5.11 - 12:15 PM

    NHL huh? Very hard to watch without cable. =) Just don’t cut down on craftsmanship guys! thanks!ReplyCancel

  • Juleen Kenney1.8.11 - 1:08 PM

    We recently eliminated cable, and hooked up our computer to the tv so we can watch Hulu on it and we have Netflix which we predominantly use for the instant feature through our Xbox. We don’t miss cable (OR the cable bill) one little bit!ReplyCancel


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