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No-Sew Jack Bed

Okay, so I realize that I announced my sewing class sign-up on Facebook earlier this week (it’s official, right? Because it’s on Facebook?), but I’m not there yet. (However, I will be in February!) Anyway, Jack needed a new bed. Bad. And he wasn’t about to wait until I learned to sew for a couple reasons: 1) the poor guy needs a cozy place to “work” from every day, but 2) his current bed smelled so awful, I was unable to get any work done with every toss and turn of his little puppy body. I realize this is TMI, probably.

You might remember that his old bed was a floor pillow from Ikea. The insert was non-washable, and although we washed the velvety cover weekly, the insert itself became a trap for grimy, dirty Jackie germs. And because he ate his first bed (here, from Molly Mutt), we wanted something that was not only inexpensive, but easier to maintain – aka, we could wash the whole thing. Inside and out.

So, I purchased 2 yards of durable outdoor fabric on sale (about $15 total) and used the same no-sew technique from this pillow of yore – just on a larger scale. Jack curls up in the tightest little Pittie balls you’ve ever seen, so we decided on a 26″ square for his new bed (his last one was a 24″ square, which was plenty big).

I added two buttons I rummaged up from old craft supplies and used a match to burn the cut-out hole. Seriously. The outdoor fabric melted perfectly, creating a stiff edge (that didn’t fray – even in the wash!). I did add a quick stitch on the corner of each button hole, though, to prevent it from growing. So professional, I know.

For the pillow guts, we used old towels. In total, there are about 7 towels for Jack’s pillow fluff (let’s just say we had needed new towels in the bathroom for years, as evidenced by a few we still had from college!), and of course we love that we can throw them right in the wash with the no-sew cover itself.

It’s since been washed and dried, and it held up like a champ. To be honest, I’m not surprised, because while I receive much slack from friends who can sew, Stitch Witchery hem tape really is strong. It holds the hems of every curtain in our home – and a few toss pillows, too! The biggest “trick” when using hem tape, I find, is patience. A damp cloth between the hot iron and fabric with a minimum 20 second press makes all the difference.

So, while I plan to punch 2013 in the throat by eventually learning to sew (that would’ve been my entry submission, by the way), Jack needed a comfy, cozy bed now – before his mom got her sewing-ducks in a row. And I’m telling you (that is, my dear friends who give me a hard time about my lack of sewing skills – love you!), hem tape ain’t so bad.

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  • Sam1.11.13 - 6:30 AM

    Oh nice! Our boys need new beds, I might try that.


  • The Tiny Homestead1.11.13 - 7:58 AM

    <3 it! He looks very happy with his new spot.ReplyCancel

  • Beth |Daily Dog Tag1.13.13 - 4:55 PM

    It looks great and easy to make: my kind of DIY!ReplyCancel

  • Annie1.14.13 - 1:33 PM

    I love his collar! My pibble’s martingale (purchased on etsy) is beginning to fall apart and I need to buy a new one. Where did you purchase Jack’s?ReplyCancel

  • Kim1.14.13 - 2:03 PM

    Hi Annie,

    Thanks! He has the Eco-Lucks collar in Hackysack:

    We bought it last August, and it’s held up like a champ since then!ReplyCancel

  • Caroline Vargo1.15.13 - 3:52 PM

    LOVE this! I am such ‘no sew’ person too!ReplyCancel

  • […] I want to try and make this easy and stylish  no-sew DIY dog bed. […]ReplyCancel

  • Tina B.1.19.13 - 12:16 PM

    If I can’t hot glue it or use some other kind of trickery that doesn’t involve sewing (handsewing little stitches or buttons doesn’t count), then I’m all about it. You’ll get no ridicule from me!ReplyCancel

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