Won’t You Join Us?

In the interest of saving our friends from home page clutter with YBH posts, we’ve decided to become official. Official, meaning, we’re now on Facebook. Yup. Lucky for us, we have some pretty nice friends, so they became fans of Yellow Brick Home anyway. You guessed it; they totally made our day.

And to make it easy for any web-friends to find us, we’ve added a link on our sidebar, or you can click on that photo right up there. Don’t you know it’d doubly make our day to have any of you become fans. Ah, yes, we’ve sufficiently geeked ourselves out on the great wide web.

On another somewhat similar note, we stopped by Luna Records in Indianapolis this weekend during their Record Day celebration and stumbled upon GeekSoap. Such a unique, nerdy idea, and we absolutely loved it.*

It seemed only appropriate we share the love with GeekSoap on Facebook-announcement-day. How refreshing for a Monday morning, no?

*GeekSoap image courtesy of Lesley Karpiuk of Pink Toque.

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