My Makeup Routine + Favorite Products

I’m sharing my makeup routine and my go-to products for a bright, natural look.

Applying my 5 minute face | My go-to products for a bright + natural makeup look, plus my favorite brand for aging skin

Bright + Natural

After sharing my skincare essentials, I received countless requests asking if I could unpack my makeup favorites in a blog post, too! I’ve shared favorite products in the past, but this will be a more comprehensive list of the items I reach for over and over again. While I love experimenting with new brands and colors (makeup is fun, after all!), today I’m sharing my current favorites for a bright + natural look. I love pink lips, rosy cheeks, and dark, fluffy brows. My everyday makeup takes me 5 minutes to apply, and I refuse to choose a desert island favorite! (Okay, okay, if I had to, it’d be this.)

Before we dive in, if you haven’t yet checked out my skincare essentials, please do! I fully believe that skincare and makeup go hand-in-hand. You can’t have one without the other. My skincare essentials lay the groundwork for more flawless makeup application.

About My Skin

I think it’s important to (re)share the type of skin I have, because that’s a big factor in why a product may or may not work for me. Here’s what you should know about my skin:

  • I’m 39-years-old
  • I’m half Italian, half Korean, with light olive skin that tans easily and rarely burns
  • After our daughter was born, my combination skin began to lean more dry (and still does)
  • I don’t consider myself to have sensitive skin; I rarely, if ever, have an allergic reaction to a product
  • I have laugh lines and dark circles around and under my eyes, and I have speckles of melasma along my jawline

My Go-To Makeup Products

Applying my 5 minute face | My go-to products for a bright + natural makeup look, plus my favorite brand for aging skin

In order of application:

  1. Beautyblender Pro, $18 | If I’m not using my fingers to apply concealer or powder, I’m using this! Make sure to run it under water and squeeze it out really well before applying for seamless application.
  2. Glossier Stretch Concealer, $20 | You’ll notice throughout this post that I LOVE Glossier. My skin loves Glossier! Stretch concealer is creamy and hydrating for my dry skin. It doesn’t settle into the lines around my eyes, and it’s beautifully buildable when using the Beautyblender. I use it under my eyes, around my nose, on my melasma, and lightly across my forehead and chin. I’ll use this concealer for life, mark my words. I use shade G11.
  3. Mented Skin Silk Setting Powder, $25 | I received this as a free sample and liked it so much, I bought the full size! I apply this with my Beautyblender, allowing it to ‘bake’ under my eyes while using a light touch everywhere else I applied the Stretch concealer. Then I go back and tap away any remaining powder under my eyes.
  4. Supreme Finisher Brush, $31 | This brush is dense yet soft and allows me to quickly do a whole face application of bronzer. Speaking of which, I use…
  5. Nars Matte Bronzer Powder, $38 | I apply the bronzer in the shape of the number ‘3’ on each side of my face, so that it hits the top of my forehead, cheekbones and jawline. Then I go back and use a little on each side of my nose, and if I’m wearing a lower cut shirt, I’ll also apply it on each side of my throat. I use the shade Laguna.
  6. Glossier Cloud Paint, $18 | My love of Cloud Paint knows no bounds! It’s creamy, buildable, and a little goes a long way. I like to tap is only on the apples of my cheeks for an ‘in from the cold!’ look, or I’ll tape it across my cheeks and over the bridge of my nose for a sun-kissed look. Puff is my everyday shade, but Spark is stunning for a date night or dinner with friends.
  7. Essence Pure Nude Highlighter, $5 | This is an awesome budget highlighter, but I’m still on the hunt for something with more pizazz when I’m feeling festive. Does anyone have a recommendation for a liquid or cream highlighter you love?
  8. Stila Liquid and Glow Liquid Eyeshadow, $24 | This is a newer product to me, and I’m really enjoying it so far! After dressing as Mariah Carey for Halloween (haha), I was craving a rosey saturated color on my lids. I use the shade Jezebel.
  9. It Superhero Mascara, $25 | Any time I stray, I always come back to this mascara. There is endless volume and length, and I love that it’s pitch black. It’s superior to everything I’ve tried, and I’ve tried A LOT. Although if you’re on the hunt for a budget version, this drugstore mascara is the closest dupe I’ve found!
  10. Glossier Boy Brow, $16 | I switched to Boy Brow a few months ago and never looked back! Wow. It adds color and control, and it 100% lives up to the hype. My eyebrows are microbladed, so if you need to fill in strokes, this might not be the product for you. But if you’re looking to add oomph with a touch of pomade, you might love this, too.
  11. Glossier Ultralip, $18 | More Glossier, I know, but the products work so well on my skin! Ultralip in Portrait is my everyday color for a splash of pink, and I use Fête when I want to kick it up a notch. It’s sheer but saturated, moisturizing and comfortable.

I’m happy to answer any questions you have! Drop them in the comments below, or feel free to share the makeup products you love! Do you have a desert island pick?

PS: See all of our product round-ups right here, from candles to clothes, rugs to books.

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  • Jenn B11.29.21 - 9:56 AM

    NYX born to glow is pretty great. I use sunbeam. ReplyCancel

  • Amy11.29.21 - 10:01 AM

    I have been loving Colourpop’s Super Shock Highlighter in Wisp! Essence’s didn’t have enough pizzazz for me, but Colourpop was subtle enough while making me feel ethereal! I do a light hand during the day, and a heavier hand at night. Very buildable – love it!ReplyCancel

  • Jen11.29.21 - 10:20 AM

    Glossier brow flick is great if your eyebrows are a little sparse. I use that first and finish with boy brow. ReplyCancel

    • Kim11.29.21 - 11:59 AM

      Boy brow is such a game changer! I’ll have to try brow flick when my microblading starts to fade.ReplyCancel

  • Stacy11.29.21 - 11:40 AM

    We’re in the same boat with Glossier! You definitely got me on the Cloud Paint bandwagon, and now I feel like half of my daily products are theirs! For anyone who hasn’t had microblading done, I use Boy Brow + Brow Flick to fill in where I’m sparse. A trick I figured out with the Cloud Paints is that they are SO easy to blend together. I have Puff, Beam, and Spark – if you mix Puff and Spark (mostly Puff, with just a drop of Spark – I swirl them together on the back of my hand before applying) it makes a gorgeous rose color! It’s a little easier to wear than Spark alone, but obviously a bit deeper than Puff, which is a touch too light for me unless I build it way up with a few layers. And Beam and Spark mixed makes a beautiful coral color! I’ve been wanting to try Glossier’s highlighter (Haloscope) and will likely take the plunge with the order I make today, so I’ll let you know how that goes!
    (How did I just write this much about Glossier? ????❤️)ReplyCancel

    • Kim11.29.21 - 11:59 AM

      Because Glossier nails it! Puff, Beam and Spark are in my rotation, but I’ll have to try mixing Puff and Spark, thanks for that tip!ReplyCancel

  • Kimmie11.29.21 - 1:10 PM

    I love my Saie Glowy Super Gel! MERIT Day Glow Highlighting Balm is also on my list to try! ReplyCancel

    • Kim11.29.21 - 2:03 PM

      Ooh, yes, I have the Saie! I mix it into my sunscreen sometimes for a glowy look, especially if I won’t be wearing much concealer or powder. It’s subtle and beautiful.ReplyCancel

  • Melanie11.29.21 - 8:57 PM

    Your skincare routine post was a game changer for me!  I’m following it to a T and my face has never been so happy. :)ReplyCancel

    • Kim11.30.21 - 9:36 AM

      I love hearing this! Consistency is key, and I personally love the ‘me’ time.ReplyCancel

  • Crista11.29.21 - 9:23 PM

    I love your wall clock! It must be new because I don’t see it in your house tour/shop my house. Would you mind sharing where it’s from?ReplyCancel

  • gigi11.30.21 - 8:45 AM

    would you share your experience with micro blading your brows please. how is boy brow different from a soap brow or a wax pencil.ReplyCancel

    • Kim11.30.21 - 9:39 AM

      Hi gigi! Boy Brow is like a pomade/wax with a color tint to darken and groom at the same time. The tip is similar to a small mascara wand, which is what makes it different than a pencil. Micro blading was a GAME CHANGER for me. I have thin almost non existent Asian eyebrows, and with microblading, I wake up every morning with brows! It’s wild. It also took me two tries to find a great microblading artist, so if you’re interested, get a reference from a friend and check out their Instagram page to see their portfolio range.ReplyCancel

  • Hannah12.1.21 - 12:22 PM

    Your shirt (sweater?) is so cute! I love the color. Where is it from?ReplyCancel

    • Scott12.1.21 - 9:10 PM

      Just asked Kim – it’s ‘Abercrombie from 100 years ago’ haha! Sorry we couldn’t be more helpful!ReplyCancel


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