Lucky Winner: Yellow Brick Home

Goodbye Monday, and hello sweet, sweet Tuesday. Last week’s Pet Shop grand opening and giveaway sponsored by yours  truly drummed up some pretty spunky pet personalities, not that we’re surprised by those wacky four-legged behaviors. As the boastful parents of two pampered cats and one spoiled pooch, we know that sometimes this house ain’t big enough for all our quips, habits, and many, many legs. But don’t you know, we wouldn’t have it any other way.

And because the team behind The Pet Shopahem, us – loves nothing more than painting the day away to the tune of your sweet-pet-faces, we thought it was only appropriate that we set up shop properly. By offering up one custom made freebie, we both win. Cheesy, yes. But true.

So just who is the lucky dog winner that gets their mitts (er, paws?) on the made-for-you art? A big, fat congratulations to Casey, the proud mom of two not-so-vicious Rottweilers, Onyx and Madden. Hurrah! We can’t wait to get started.

For those who were not such lucky ducks, you can always find more information at The Pet Shop. Whether it’s just for you or an undercover gift for a loved one, we’ll work hard to create a piece that meets your vision. And of course a high five to all of you for your support. Without you, we couldn’t have gotten to this point today. Again, cheesy. But true.

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