Lucky Winner: Little Korboose

I must say, reading through the childhood memories of our Little Korboose giveaway participants really brought me back. Ah, yes, the days of tricycles in the cul-de-sac, sweet ice cream on a hot summer day, and of course the cupped cakes that can brighten any day, even the really bad ones. Mmm-mmm. Mm.

Ok, so maybe a few of us got some skinned knees (or, in some cases, a broken arm and a leg) back in the fresh-off-the-training-wheels days, but we’ll just chalk that up to some good ol’ life experience. After all, I’m sure the moms in the world gave free kisses and band-aids. And that almost makes it worth it.

So who’s the lucky winner that after all the cuts, scrapes, and cravings of cool, buttercream frosting will receive a pretty neat 7-card notecard set from Little Korboose? Why, the lovely Leslie of Pixiepine, who remembers the “good feeling” of her handlebar streamers flying in the wind. I can high five to that. Shoot, I could go for some wind-in-the-hair-and-my-streamers-afloat action right now. Well, if it wasn’t 5 degrees outside. (Note to self: Chicago summers are worth the winters).

Congrats, Leslie! You’ll surely put some smiles on the faces of your notecard recipients. And a big ol’ sugary sweet muchas gracias to April over at Little Korboose for sponsoring this week’s giveaway.

All images courtesy of Little Korboose.

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