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Last Week: Portland (+ the Coast)

PET SHOP UPDATE: The response to our birthday celebration has been outstanding! So much so, that we’ve hit our earliest holiday sell-out to date for custom portraits (aka, the maximum number of paintings I can physically do before December 25th)! We have only a couple of openings left, after which, custom listings will become deactivated. To the moon and back, thank you for the continued support.


As is our travel tradition, Scott and I spent the last week celebrating our wedding anniversary. Okay, so, technically our anniversary is in November,  but when a wedding had us booking tickets to San Francisco, we turned a could-have-been-a-weekend-trip into our once-annual-big-trip, and so we also split the west coast visit with our Portland friends! (Hi, Julie! Hi, Brian!)

We’ve been to Portland once before, but this time, we ventured outside of the city. We took a road trip to play along the beaches, taste wine in the Gorge and fill up on cheese plates and chocolate at various vineyards. While the marine layer had already seeped in by the time we made it to Cannon Beach (despite our best efforts to leave the house on time; I blame the excellent brunch we consumed beforehand!), we couldn’t contain our excitement as we danced, kissed and kicked up sand – all while snapping an insane amount of photos. Our stomachs hurt from laughing so hard, our bodies relaxed as we unplugged, and it wouldn’t be too far fetched to say that our bellies may have expanded, too.

For the sake of keeping this short (wait, me?), I’ll share our photos from San Francisco tomorrow, and then we’ll dive back into the swings of things around this home! We’re feeling awfully refreshed, so we couldn’t be more excited for the to-dos on our plate. Yeah, I said it.

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  • Molly9.23.14 - 9:46 AM

    Your photos are insanely good! Do you edit them a certain way? I just love the look! And I’ve never been to Portland but it looks great!ReplyCancel

    • Kim9.23.14 - 10:04 AM

      Thanks, Molly! I do love to play around with different actions in Photoshop without going too over the top. And you’d love Portland! We haven’t met a person who has gone and said otherwise.ReplyCancel

  • Harper9.23.14 - 11:07 AM

    You’ve never looked more beautiful than you do in these pictures. I think that’s a sign of happiness and relaxation at their best. Glad you had a great trip but happy to have you back working on your to-dos. They always motivate me. And I need that…especially with winter inching closer each day!ReplyCancel

    • Kim9.23.14 - 11:20 AM

      Oh, man. You are so nice. Thank you!ReplyCancel

  • Alexandra9.23.14 - 12:24 PM

    Your photography is beautiful!

    Warm Regards,

  • Leyla9.23.14 - 5:16 PM

    What wonderful photos and I agree with Harper above – you do look particularly beautiful and so happy in these pics! Glad you had a wonderful well deserved break – but equally glad to have you back – I was (ever so selfishly) missing your updates in my inbox!!!ReplyCancel

    • Kim9.23.14 - 5:55 PM

      YOU ALL. Stop! Thank you! Seriously, so sweet.ReplyCancel

  • Melanie9.23.14 - 6:12 PM

    Thanks for sharing, your photos are amazing. I can only wish for travel photos as good as those!ReplyCancel

  • Marita9.23.14 - 7:26 PM

    It looks like you had a lovely evening for the swifts! Glad you were able to experience the bounty of Portland, the coast and the Gorge. Happy (early) anniversary!ReplyCancel

    • Kim9.23.14 - 7:36 PM

      Oh, yeah! It took them a while to make their way into the chimney, but what a neat thing to see!ReplyCancel

  • Nina9.23.14 - 8:48 PM

    Fantastic photos Kim. You definitely squeezed lots of fun and relaxation out of your annual trip. I couldn’t believe how amazing the Oregon coast was when we went this Spring. I can’t wait to check out the wineries in Oregon. Any favorites?ReplyCancel

    • Kim9.24.14 - 9:19 AM

      Eeks… am I terrible for not remembering the names of the wineries? Or is that a sign of a really good time?!ReplyCancel

      • Nina9.26.14 - 7:27 AM

        lol! No worries. Yeah, it’s definitely a sign of really good times.ReplyCancel

  • Aileen9.23.14 - 11:11 PM

    Looks like you had an amazing time! We went to Portland last year for our 2 year wedding anniversary and fell absolutely in love. We’re trying to move there in 2015. Your photos are beautiful!ReplyCancel

  • Trude9.24.14 - 9:40 AM

    Looks like so much fun! I’ve always wanted to get there. That first shot is especially fan-freaking-tastic.ReplyCancel

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