Gifts for Every Budget: The YBH 2018 Gift Guide

Gifts for every budget! Gifts under $25, gifts under $50, gifts under $100 | a roundup of the best gifts via Yellow Brick Home

Think of this gift guide as a catch-all for everyone else on your list – all of these picks are intended to be universally loved! Did you draw a random name for the office pool? Need to grab something thoughtful for a cousin you wish you knew better? Child’s favorite teacher? Is your White Elephant party right around the corner? We’ve got you covered. We’ve broken it down by budget, starting with our favorites under $25. Happy gifting!

Gifts Under $25

Gifts under $25 // holiday gift guide via Yellow Brick Home

1| This black lava salt soak made with a blend of rosemary and woodsy lavender, because a little self-pampering is good for the soul.

2| A journal for a happier you – in just 5 minutes a day. Bring it on, 2019!

3| This magnetic phone mount for safe, hands-free driving and GPS-ing. A thin metal disk sticks between their phone and case, so they can’t even tell it’s there! I got one of these a few years ago and within a few weeks my entire team at work bought them!

Gifts under $25 // holiday gift guide via Yellow Brick Home

4| The ubiquitous Carhartt beanie. Available in just about every color imaginable!

5| This avocado toast ornament, because avocado toast. That is all.

6| Scotch-scented shave and shampoo soap. Our friend Danielle is the talented maker behind Soap Distillery, and she’s truly the best. If you’re feeling adventurous, beer + cigarettes is her top seller, and we promise, it smells amazing.

Gifts under $25 // holiday gift guide via Yellow Brick Home

7| These smoke grey wine glasses, because let’s be honest – most of us could use some upgraded stemware in our lives, and these are as unique as they are beautiful.

8| Almost 2,000 5-star reviews for this clay mask can’t be wrong, and we’re personally throwing our 5-star rating into the ringer, too. We mix up batches with this apple cider vinegar, and it is insane.

9| A trio of sauces from Secret Aardvark. They’ll love this unique touch of Portland weirdness and the sweet, delicious heat. It’s a staple in our home!

Gifts under $25 // holiday gift guide via Yellow Brick Home

10| The handiest Swiss Army Knife. So incredibly versatile. Tiny toothpick included!

11| This trio of delicious gourmet salts, including the best selling Magic Unicorn (it’s our absolute favorite for everything!)

12| A minimalist cookbook that starts by stripping your kitchen of everything it doesn’t need and organizing it into the workhorse it should be. Beautifully shot, well written and, of course, a page turner of one delicious recipe after the other.

Gifts Under $50

Gifts under $50 // holiday gift guide via Yellow Brick Home

1| This thermal carafe. It brews. It steeps. It infuses. It keeps things warm for hours. And it’ll look pretty on every kitchen’s open shelf. We keep ours at Tree House for cold brew, yum.

2| Monikers! Depending who you ask, it’s either ‘a really smart dumb game or a really dumb smart game.’ Either way, it’ll have you all cry-laughing. Just ordered our copy for Tree House!

3| A handmade match striker. Because lighting candles with matches will make them feel classy.

Gifts under $50 // holiday gift guide via Yellow Brick Home

4| A vase that’ll quickly become their favorite. (Even better when given with fresh eucalyptus.)

5| A frame showcasing a special item that only you two could ever understand.

6| The IceMule cooler. It’s waterproof, collapsible, and portable – and it’s not just for breast milk!

Gifts under $50 // holiday gift guide via Yellow Brick Home

7| A hard-wearing denim tote bag that goes with everything.

8|A big stuffed octopus for the child at heart – it’s also on Lucy’s (or mom and dad’s?) wish list this year!

9| Everyone’s favorite stainless water bottle in a teakwood finish that’ll keep them hydrated through the long winter ahead.

Gifts under $50 // holiday gift guide via Yellow Brick Home

10| The most handsome alarm clock of all. Sure to be equally loved by the most punctual or most perpetually late of recipients!

11| This 4 pack from Jeni’s, aka the best ice cream of all time, delivered straight to their door. Sorry, Graeter’s.

12| A handsome leather roll-up organizer to keep things from tangling at the office or when traveling. (Love it in Racing Green, too!) Because nobody wants their headphones and charging cables knotting up like Nana’s old ball of knitting yarn.

Gifts Under $100

Gifts under $100 // holiday gift guide via Yellow Brick Home

1| Some tasty bourbon and a set of handsome double old-fashioned glasses. This particular bourbon comes from Journeyman Distillery, one of our favorites from Three Oaks MI, Tree House’s neighboring town. 

2| This handsome desk lamp will be just the thing to light up their workspace on a dark-at-4pm winter afternoon evening in Chicago.

3| The Instax Mini camera that’ll become an extension of their right hand. Tiny business card size photos that print instantly are the most fun! Case in point.

Gifts under $100 // holiday gift guide via Yellow Brick Home

4| These beautiful salt and pepper grinders. Because fresh ground salt and pepper make every meal taste better. (Except maybe cereal, that would be gross.) We’ve had this set for years, and it’s the perfect meeting of function and form. 

5| A limited edition echo in walnut finish. Because all of these smart devices are great and everything, but what’s with all the grey mesh fabric, amirite?

6| This tile combo pack for the most *ahem* forgetful folks on your list. Because we love you very much, but nobody loves standing around while you search for your keys. 

Gifts under $100 // holiday gift guide via Yellow Brick Home

7| The NES Classic console. This little guy comes preloaded with 30 8-bit gems and outfitted with connections for modern TVs. The nostalgia will run deep.

8| This incredibly handsome slim wallet. With room for 6-8 cards and a few bills, they’ll never look back from going almost cashless. I picked mine up last summer and it’s gotten even better with age. Farewell, Costanza wallet!

9| The cutest space heater, because they’re never not cold. This one lives under our desk!

Gifts under $100 // holiday gift guide via Yellow Brick Home

10| Pascal the gold bull doorstop, soon to be the most unlikely conversation starter in their home.

11| A walnut domino set? Yup! A walnut domino set. We’ve hosted some heated game nights in our day and Chicken Foot is always top of the list.

12| The Ring video doorbell, so they can see who’s knocking without leaving their cozy corner of the couch!

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  • Kathleen12.3.18 - 7:19 AM

    The link to the thermal carafe doesn’t work, where is it from? I kind of need this for my home ?ReplyCancel

    • Kim12.3.18 - 8:22 AM

      Oops, thank you, updated! We love ours so much!ReplyCancel

  • Lindsey12.3.18 - 7:37 PM

    Never wash that clay mask down the sink, there’s soo many stories of it destroying plumbing!ReplyCancel

    • Lindsey12.4.18 - 4:41 PM

      Is there a suggested way to rinse it off? I have this clay mask and have just been rinsing it off in the sink, and now I’m worried!ReplyCancel

  • Katy12.3.18 - 8:03 PM

    As a Columbus native, I was tickled to see Jeni’s on here! I may cheat by getting Graeter’s coconut chip once in awhile, but Jeni’s will always have my heart!ReplyCancel

    • Kim12.4.18 - 8:13 AM

      They’re both so good (Graeter’s chocolate chips – are you kidding me), but Jeni squeaks out ahead in our book!ReplyCancel


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