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Oh, how we love FLOR. We were jazzed when we saw their doors open to Chicago, and we were just as pleased when we pieced them together in Renee’s living room redo. Their endless choices in color, nap, and style are practically mind boggling, and the hands-on creativity you can bring to the table is nothing if a little intimidating. We love that they can be easily rearranged, repurposed, and swapped out on a whim. Better yet, FLOR tiles are uber pet friendly if you have a kitty with claws or a pup with a penchant for eating too much grass (sick tummies are unfortunately commonplace under this roof). A quick swap of a single tile, and you’ve got a brand new bag. Or, you know, rug. If you’re not ready for the leap, you can play with their online configurator ’til your hearts content – an addicting (and possibly dangerous) game to play.

Which is why we’ve chosen their easy breezy tiles once again. When we decided to snazz up the foyer, we knew we wanted FLOR from the start. And keeping with our bedroom theme, we stuck with the Fedora style, which we picked up at our local CB2 store. At just $7.99 a pop (for an almost-20-inch square), the choice is easy on our wallet, and the slew of color choices keeps us happy.

But wait. The foyer is only about 6’x6′, and although we had already decided to keep the Fedora theme goin’ strong, we didn’t have much space to play with an overly colorful pattern (since we wanted to stay within a three-by-four square layout). So we took matters into our own hands, and after some encouraging words from the sales clerk at CB2, we decided to slice into those tiles and make a pattern that couldn’t be FLOR-store-bought.

Because we wanted to play around with our options in terms of slicing and dicing, we decided to stick to two colors (dusty turquoise and oatmeal). And to make our decision easier and mistake-free, we started by taking blue and white construction paper and mocked up several options from stripes to triangles. We mixed, we matched, we mixed again. In the end, we were more than happy with the clean, cool look of  fat stripes, and we were able to accomplish the look with six of one color and five of the other. (Bonus: we were left with an extra half-slice that we’ve stored away for those future unforseen accidents. You know it’ll happen.)

Our plan meant that each tile simply had to be cut in half. With each tile measuring 19.7 inches, or 50 centimeters, I made three marks with a permanent marker 25 centimeters in on the back side of each square. Once I checked (and double checked) my measurements, I used a metal meter stick and two clamps to line up my mark. It’s important to mention that the cut was made from the back, which ensured the straight, even line I was aiming for. I used a good amount of pressure and one full motion from top to bottom using a utility knife with a sharp, fresh blade. This step was repeated about five times on each tile until the cut went completely through the rubber backing. My biggest piece of advice I can give you: Do not try and slice it through on the first pass; not only will you chance a sloppy cut, but it’s not necessary (and not very kind to your mitts). (Note: Make sure you keep that blade gleamin’. I switched out my dull blade after every three tiles.)

After stacking my tiles in a pretty pile, a victory dance may have ensued. Jack may have joined in. Scott, too.

But on to the really fun part. The hubs and I laid out each tile face up to see what our finished product would look like, and then we flipped each tile over and opposite (meaning, as we flipped a tile, we also laid it down on the opposite end of where it started. When you turn everything over, it will look the same as you had it when they were facing up. Because each tile has a grain to it, this makes a huge difference. Tricky, yes. But so worth the mind game). Using the FLOR stickers that were provided during our purchase, we sealed each intersection and all the edges.

And how ’bout those results. Not only does our DIY rug play off our living room colors, but it also helps to differentiate the main space from our entry pad in our open concept floor plan.


We love how it cozies up the joint, and we think the kids enjoy it just as much. Not a day goes by where Jack doesn’t chew his yummy bone on those stripes. Even my Maddie and Libby girl have gotten in on the action, stretching and begging for belly rubs on the warm rug (while keeping their cushy paws off the cold hardwood). Sometimes, just sometimes, we’ll catch all five of us in the room at the same time, a rare event since Jack tends to love the felines more than they care for him. Yes, FLOR has brought us together. You couldn’t ask for a happier ending.

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  • Renee Gooch2.9.10 - 7:44 AM

    Very smart idea. Love it.ReplyCancel

  • Danielle2.9.10 - 9:34 AM

    Great job! I love the colors against your flooring. Flor is the best!!ReplyCancel

  • Fine Diving2.10.10 - 3:27 PM

    Thanks for the tutorial! I’m making big plans to put Flor on my office hardwood. Love the stripes.ReplyCancel

  • Kelly2.10.10 - 3:56 PM

    It looks so good!! You moved artwork around too I see :)ReplyCancel

  • Kim2.11.10 - 11:39 AM

    Kelly, we’re always moving the art around! One day, I’ll be happy with the art how it is, and I won’t move a thing. I look forward to that day.ReplyCancel

  • jodi2.11.10 - 12:11 PM

    it looks fabulous!ReplyCancel

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