Fall Is In the Air

The chill is in the air, and Fall is officially here.  I’ve been wearing my layers in the morning, all bundled up in cardigans, coats, and scarves.  To most, this is an annoyance.  To me, I can’t get enough.  Not only is it fun to pile on the comfy sweaters, but it’s that time of year to start drinking up the hot apple ciders, cuddling up on the couch, and relaxing indoors with friends and family.  But the best part of all? The way the air smells – the Fall leaves, the cinnamon in your drinks, the whipped creams and pumpkin pies and baking cookies.  Which is why I’m so excited about our newest seriously-out-of-this-world candle by Swan Creek Candle Co.


As candle lovers, I just had to share with you the best brand we’ve seen (and sniffed out) yet.  We purchased this gem while in Michigan over Memorial Day weekend, and with a scent by the name of “Pumpkin Maple Creme,” we’ve had it stashed in a drawer just waiting for the first leaf to fall.  We knew it would be worth the wait, and boy were we right! And because it’s made of 100% soy wax, we can burn this baby guilt-free.  The charming Ball jar (a jar lover’s cult favorite) is the icing on the cake, and I already can’t wait to fill it up with Christmas goodies once we’ve tapped it out.  Burn, baby, burn.

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  • Sarah10.12.09 - 4:36 PM

    YAHOO Swan Creek!!!!ReplyCancel

  • Jenny10.12.09 - 7:04 PM

    Too Funny!! I too broke out my fall candles over the weekend. My new favorites (I have two!)… Buttered Maple Syrup, in an ordinary jar, but with a dainty wrought-iron-star-cut-out lid from Bob Evans…I know, how random! And, Pumpkin Crunch. Handmade by “Vicki from Zanesville,” my mom’s Fed-Ex lady, who makes candles on the side…again, how random! The best thing about fall for me….I know winter is coming! Enjoy Autumn! Miss You!ReplyCancel

    • Kim10.12.09 - 9:34 PM

      Jenny, I knew you’d understand! Pumpkin Crunch sounds amazing, especially because it was homemade with love. Miss you, too!ReplyCancel

  • Danielle10.13.09 - 10:38 AM

    Aren’t those candles to die for! My mom always gets a large supply of them. They even look good enough to eat! :-PReplyCancel

  • Marcy Tate10.13.09 - 12:17 PM

    Yah Michigan, my hometown! Soy wax candles are the best!ReplyCancel


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