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Do You Want a Painting, Joan Cusack?

While last week’s sick laptop had us taking a detour from this very post, we’re glad to report she’s a healthy clam again. Good thing, because we have important things to show you – our Renegade loot. We were so, so lucky to be busy bees the entire weekend (high traffic, hello!), so as you can imagine, all items were purchased during 10 minute marathon spurts, dispersed over the course of our two days at the Fair.

1. I Am Home: We’d been discussing this skull for at least a year. Originally, we’d wanted a fuzzy, fuschia version (trust; it was cute), but in the end, we came home with the black chalkboard. To match our back splash, of course.

2. Couch Guitar Straps: I bought this guy on a total whim; maybe it was because they’re handmade in limited quantities – or maybe it was because of the other couple eye-ing it, too. Regardless, I couldn’t be happier with my impulse purchase, and we’re pretty sure any photographer on your list would swoon over their designs and durability. (Oh, they also have guitar straps and wallets. Mm-hm.)

3. McBitterson’s: It made me laugh. I couldn’t stop. I’d like to frame it for the small art wall so I can laugh every day. Scott says I can’t frame something that says Happy Birthday, but I don’t see why not?

4. Kin Ship Press: They were at the booth right next to us, and they were the cutest and the sweetest. Dan bought a pipe from Grandpa Pete, Hillary picked up a framed pig from us, and we bought this set of pillowcases from her. Win-win-win. (Even better – they also have a his/his and a hers/hers.)

While we love everything we got for us, believe it or not, we did pick up a few items for some folks on our to-buy list. Of course we can’t share those with you, just in case. After all, this isn’t the place for those sorts of secrets.

And on a random but totally noteworthy, well, note, Twitter confirmed our suspicions. When an incognito Joan Cusack asked me how much?, I might have squeaked an answer, but we can’t be sure. (We also may have seen School of Rock way too many times to count. We love you, Joan, and all your principal-ness.) She walked away empty handed, but rumor has it she scooped some animal art in the end – from Ryan Berkley. (And hey, we got some Ryan in our life, too!) But, Joan Cusack, do you want a painting? You know, we do custom work and everything.

Ah, anyway.

We hope this lil’ list of sorts spurs some holiday gift ideas of your own. And being that we are very (very!) behind on our shopping, fingers crossed a day in the ‘burbs this weekend can perform some Christmas miracles. Are you done? Tell us your behind, too.

Photos 1-3 are our own, photo 4 courtesy of Kin Ship Press.

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  • Emily @ Our Waldo Bungie12.14.11 - 1:40 PM

    I love Joan Cusack sooooo much! Pretty sure I want to be her best friend! Oh, and thanks for some gift ideas – I think I might be asking for a camera strap for Christmas!!ReplyCancel

  • Kate @ Twenty-Six to Life12.14.11 - 2:32 PM

    Whoa! A celeb likes your stuff! How cool! And love the camera strap!ReplyCancel

  • Margaret12.15.11 - 3:02 PM

    Wow the Guitar Straps look awesome! Definitely a nice touch on the Nikon.ReplyCancel

  • Kalli12.16.11 - 10:09 PM

    Um, she’s amazing! Now I want to go watch Grosse Pointe Blank again, I love her weird role as personal assistant (to John Cusack’s hitman).

    That camera strap is nice, and now that you have a decorative skull, you’re on your way to being featured someday on The Selby (I’ve noticed that of all the crazy cool places he photographs, they almost ALWAYS have a skull of some kind in the mix…)ReplyCancel

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