DIY: A Place To Perch

This past June, Scott and I packed our bags and headed south to Cincinnati.  Every trip home includes a few of the same rituals: Skyline chili, Graeter’s ice cream, and the Peddler’s Flea Market.  Surely, you’re not suprised at my mention of the flea.  At this point, I think you’re catching on fast that this married duo loves a bargain, and we’ll travel far and wide to get it.  As you can imagine, we didn’t leave empty handed.  We picked up this bad boy, just begging for some good lovin’:

bench_before_webAs we all know, summer can fly by, and before you know it, it’s August and you’re wondering where the time went.  Welp, June and July came and went, and our bitty bench waited patiently in the corner until just a few weeks ago, when we finally got down to business.  You can see here the underside of the bench (and the mess of flimsy tacks to hold the awesomely 80’s fabric in place), the surprise cover underneath (adorned with scuzzy corners and all), and finally, a close up of what was under the eighties yardage, which could have actually been pretty groovy:

before_reupholster_webAfter mourning the loss of the mustard-cloth-gone-bad, I grabbed my Patricia fabric (scored from Ikea – where else?) and got crackin’.  Following a much needed ironing, I tucked under the raw, freshly cut edges, and I used some blue painter’s tape to hold everything in place.  I adjusted the tape and checked the pattern several times until I was positive that this baby was lined up, pulled snug and tight, and ready for action.  Next up: the handy staple gun, with which I made my mark every three inches.

reupholster_webScott got down with his DIY-bad-self by shaking a bottle of clean, white spray paint.  He started with a primer, followed by a flat white, and finished it off with a satin clear coat.  Tip: Take the time to slip on your throwaway sneaks and those less-than-favorite duds.  No matter how controlled the environment, that fine mist will find it’s way under your nails, in your hair, and in the seams of your favorite jeans.  Although the hubs waited for a dead air day, the windy city got the best of him a few times.

spray_webWe very impatiently waited overnight for all those sticky coats to dry and eagerly put the whole seat back together the next evening.  Scott secured the seat by adding six extra long screws into the base on the underside, fished out from his trusty Grandpa Jar.  In turn, the pretty little perch feels more sturdy than the day we snagged her from Peddler’s.


Of course, we must keep in mind that DIY is not only self-satisfying, but it’s also a way to keep those costs down.  So let’s break it down by the numbers:

bench, $5
fabric, $7.99/yd
primer, $2.99
white paint, $2.99
clear coat, $2.99

Our grand total comes in at just under twenty-two smackers.  Not bad considering those gams got quite the overhaul.  And now we have an extra seat for a home full of friends or a charming place to prop those tired toes.  DIY mission accomplished.

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  • Kelly8.17.09 - 10:01 AM

    So cute!! I like the new blog design too!ReplyCancel

  • Michael8.25.09 - 6:46 AM

    you are putting my blog to shame. I love this.ReplyCancel

    • Kim8.25.09 - 8:36 AM

      Thanks, Michael! I can’t wait to see what you do with your new home – in my ‘hood! Happy closing day!ReplyCancel

  • Dale7.25.10 - 3:15 AM

    Unfortunately, the link to the Patricia fabric no longer works. Guess Ikea no longer carries that print. Shame, too, since it would have complemented one of my variously African decorated rooms.ReplyCancel

    • Kim7.25.10 - 5:07 PM

      Dale, what a bummer! If you have a local Ikea, it may be worth checking it out in person. They have a surprisingly eclectic collection of fabrics, some that I’ve never actually seen online. Good luck!ReplyCancel

  • Dale8.12.10 - 11:44 AM

    Thanks for the tip Kim! I’m headed out there one weekend soon to do a major amount of furniture purchasing. Need to replace my sofa and finally get in a BIG overstuffed, hang-your-legs-off-the-sides chair! Woo hoo! LOLReplyCancel


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