Cordless Blinds for Safety, Form, and Function

Window safety month | choose cordless window treatments for family safety | via Yellow Brick Home

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Our Lucy Bear has become quite the speedy little crawler recently! All of her newfound mobility has us working hard to keep up, while also looking at our home differently than ever before to ensure that our surroundings are as safe as possible. We’ve added latches to our cabinets, moved small(er) trinkets from low(er) tables and have a gate in place at the top of our stairs. There are a handful of other safety measures on our to-do list, but there’s one big area we just checked off – the windows.

Our longtime partners at Bali Blinds are a leader in cordless and motorized window technologies, so it made sense for us to finalize our transition away from all the corded windows in our home and make the move to cord-free. Plus, October is Window Covering Safety Month and corded blinds are ranked among the top five hidden home hazards. Yikes! Bali is taking a strong stance in the industry on safety, and our safety is as important to them as it is for us. There’s no better time than now for us to make replacing our corded shades in our home a priority.

The good news is that most of our blinds use cordless lift or motorized options, but we did have two remaining corded window coverings in place: one in our cozy little nook, which is slowly becoming a first floor play area for Lucy, and the other in our (soon to be refreshed!) guest room. Both of these shades utilized the bottom up / top down functionality, but over the years, we’ve come to realize that we rarely used the top down function, if ever. Although the ability to lower shades from the top can be handy, with that comes a lot of cords:

Window safety month | choose cordless window treatments for family safety | via Yellow Brick Home

The installation of our new window treatments was super simple. The previous old metal mounting brackets came down, and two new metal mounting brackets went up. Four screws and five minutes was all it took!

Window safety month | choose cordless window treatments for family safety | via Yellow Brick Home

We weren’t too concerned with blocking a lot of light through the nook window, so we ordered that shade with a standard liner. It offers the perfect amount of privacy, but it still allows just enough light to come through during the day. We’re thrilled with the contrast of the lighter shade against the navy-green walls:

Window safety month | choose cordless window treatments for family safety | via Yellow Brick Home

We chose the same tailored Roman shades that we recently installed in Tree House as a replacement, seen below. (Who’s surprised? Ha!) It was the perfect choice in Michigan, and we’re happy to have the same style and color in Chicago, too.

Window safety month | choose cordless window treatments for family safety | via Yellow Brick Home

shades | bed frame | plant basket | end table | table lamp

Directly across from our nook is our dining room, where we already had the same style of shades but in the exact opposite color combination. During our initial transition into cordless a few years ago, we opted for tailored Romans in the Coastal California colorway against our barely-gray walls for a similar (but also completely different?) effect. It felt like a bold choice at the time, but that punch of navy against those neutral walls still makes us smile.

Window safety month | choose cordless window treatments for family safety | via Yellow Brick HomeWindow safety month | choose cordless window treatments for family safety | via Yellow Brick Home

navy shades | ceiling pendanttable | chairs | vase

In Lucy’s cozy nursery, the goal was always to keep things as neutral and serene as possible, so you may remember that we used natural shades paired with blackout liners to keep things dark during her naps and the early morning hours. These blinds also utilize a cordless lift, which is certified Best for Kids by a third party lab. Tip: Look for this Best for Kids logo when choosing window coverings.

Window safety month | choose cordless window treatments for family safety | via Yellow Brick Home

natural shades | ceiling pendant | wall sconce | rug | rockerottoman

The Best for Kids certification doesn’t only apply to human children, though! Jack and CC both turned 10 this year, and we’re pretty sure Libby is 17 or so! Our pets aren’t as nimble as they used to be (although they’re still very young at heart!), so eliminating cords also bring us peace of mind when we’re not around to keep an eye on our four legged family members.

Window safety month | choose cordless window treatments for family safety | via Yellow Brick Home

Window safety month | choose cordless window treatments for family safety | via Yellow Brick Home

studio | bedroom

All of these great safety features don’t mean that you have to sacrifice convenience, though! We’ve taken advantage of the fact that the Bali’s motorized option is not only safe for everyone in our home, but we love that they’re able to be linked to our smart home system. We use the Wink system, and with the touch of one button in our app, the three shades in our studio, three shades in our living room, and three shades in our bedroom can all be raised or lowered for light reduction or privacy. And by having all of these shades automated, we’re not straining to reach for them on our taller windows! We’ve also linked the blinds to different shortcuts within the app. Our ‘Evening’ shortcut, for example, lowers all of the blinds, dims our indoor lights and turns on all of our outdoor and landscape lights. The future is here, and it’s amazing! And safe.

Window safety month | choose cordless window treatments for family safety | via Yellow Brick HomeWindow safety month | choose cordless window treatments for family safety | via Yellow Brick Home

solar shades | wall sconce | velvet pillows | X pillow

All of the safety features in the world aren’t of much use if they’re wrapped up in a package that’s not attractive and easy to use. Our house full of cordless and motorized Bali Blinds is a perfect blend of form and function. The lack of cords makes for streamlined views and safe operation, and the nearly endless fabric and color options offer beautiful accents to our home’s decor. Who says you can’t have it all?

For more information on choosing cordless for family safety, be sure to view Bali’s safety page. The Window Covering Safety Council is also sharing how you can spread the word!

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  • ellen from ask away blog10.11.18 - 6:34 AM

    I really wanna do this in my living room because i’m tired of our annoying curtains and the string breaking. Also I love your doggo protecting your hubs and kid :)ReplyCancel

    • Kim10.11.18 - 8:07 AM

      We used to have the same issue in our living room, especially the little clips on the end of the string flying off. It made us so nervous. Making the change to cordless not only made everything LOOK better, it made our whole house safer and healthier. (And that Jack! He is always, always underfoot, ha.)ReplyCancel

  • Miranda Bouck10.11.18 - 10:05 AM

    I know you only just BARELY made mention of it in this post, but do you plan to write something about how you’re making your home more mobile-Lucy friendly? Our daughter is 8 months younger than yours, so it’s been so fun to watch Lucy grow up on the edges of your blog. This is something that we’re thinking about (obviously, a little early ;) but there are so many ugly options for making a home safer for our precious babes. I’d love to see a post on what is working for you guys and in your home!ReplyCancel

    • Scott10.11.18 - 10:47 AM

      Hi Miranda! We’ve gone back and forth on a full blown baby proofing post, because there are a few different ways that we’re approaching the subject.

      Is this something that other folks would be interested in reading about?ReplyCancel

      • Mandy10.11.18 - 11:12 AM

        Yes! Any and all stylish baby things (including the larger toys etc) that are functional and safe would be much appreciated!ReplyCancel

        • Miranda10.11.18 - 2:04 PM

          YES! I’m all for the post on all baby things, too. That includes toy storage, etc. We live pretty minimally and plan to as our daughter grows up (and feel like you guys do to a degree as well) so I’d love to see what you guys come up with. I hope others are interested!ReplyCancel

      • Amanda10.19.18 - 6:18 PM

        Yes to baby proofing! And generally
        not having your house look like a daycare when you have a small child!ReplyCancel

  • Haley10.11.18 - 10:35 AM

    I know this is about blinds, but what I took away from it was GUEST ROOM REFRESH?!ReplyCancel

    • Scott10.11.18 - 10:44 AM

      Haha! The guest room was the first room we finished in our Chicago house and it doesn’t quite reflect our style anymore. We hope to be sharing a few updates in the next few weeks. Stay tuned!ReplyCancel

  • gary10.11.18 - 12:53 PM

    Window Covering Safety Month?! Lol! Oh America, we’re so silly and love our corporate overlords.ReplyCancel

    • Kim10.11.18 - 1:26 PM

      We realize that sometimes the ‘Day’ and ‘Month’ holidays can get out of hand, but without a doubt, we think this one is important.ReplyCancel

      • Gary10.11.18 - 1:43 PM

        We have 12 months in a year and you think one should be entirely dedicated to window covering safety? I think it’s important to make sure you don’t accidentally strangle someone, but this is very silly!ReplyCancel

      • gary10.11.18 - 2:13 PM

        I realize that the last comment might have come across as mean. I am just trying to point out the absurdity of putting this up against, say, Black History Month. It’s not a real thing, just a corporate invention. The more we pretend that this is real or important the more capitalist the world becomes.ReplyCancel

  • Paige Cassandra Flamm10.11.18 - 5:38 PM

    I love your blinds! I’m dying to switch ours out for cordless ones!


  • Sharon10.11.18 - 7:10 PM

    It’s so funny to hear you say that the guest room isn’t your style anymore. As a relatively new reader who has checked out most of your current-house-archives, that was my thought when I saw your guest room – that it didn’t seem to mesh with everything else I was seeing. I feel the same way about my “oldest” rooms too, so it makes sense to hear that the guest room was your first one done. Looking forward to seeing the refresh!

    Regarding the Window Covering Safety Month (I can’t believe I just capitalized that), I agree it’s ridiculous. For consumer reasons, for the insult towards other causes that were previously deemed history months before things got out of hand… and for the absurdity that window safety should be our focus just one month a year. People, feel free to choose safety all 12 months of the year. Haha!ReplyCancel

    • Kim10.11.18 - 7:57 PM

      A home should be ever-evolving! We’re so eager to get started on the refresh, and we can’t wait to share!

      I think that the idea of the safety month is to heighten awareness around it, not that it should only happen during the month of October. We like that because of it, Bali Blinds asked us to spread the message on family safety in an area that otherwise might have been overlooked. Looking beyond the idea of the titled month in general, we do think that it’s a great reminder for us to look around our home and better the hidden dangers for everyone!ReplyCancel

  • Sue10.30.18 - 11:23 PM

    We have wooden Venetian blinds behind all our drapes in the den and 3 bedrooms but only have the blinds in on the great room windows that look out on the lake. We hate the strings! Plantation shutters are out. Any ideas of where or if anyone makes cordless wooden blinds? All 4 condos on the first floor of our building are done in cherry flooring, doors and windows frames and are very FLWish so Roman Shades will not work except maybe in the 2 bedrooms on the other hall. Love the dark walls!ReplyCancel


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