Bringing Nostalgia Back

It took me a good handful of years before I could accept digital photography into my life. Coming from a fine art background – having majored in it (photo media, specifically) and spending most of my days winding film to the sound of running water and holed up in darkrooms (mmm, loved that) – I didn’t actually learn digital anything until well after I had graduated. Even the few years following my education, I assisted the pros, all of them still using film. And to think, that was only 8 years ago!

How far we’ve come.

In any case, nothing beats the feeling of images in your hands, and I practically screamed that argument until I broke down and bought my first digital SLR in 2006. (Yes, only 6 years ago. And now the thing never leaves my hand, go fig.) So while celebrating our brother’s wedding a few months ago, you can imagine my immediate love affair with this cute, compact instant camera that a guest (now friend, hi, Jill!) toted around.

It’s a Fujifilm Instax Mini, and I love it. Scott loves it. Our friends love it, too, having seen some bizarre snaps left on our counter after a fun night on the patio. The day of that wedding, I picked up a pack of film from Target, and I planned on using it as my incentive to pull the trigger on the camera itself as soon as I got home. (Because, you see, why pay retail when we have Amazon?)

We stash the photos in a clear vase we keep on the console, and it’s always a fun conversation starter when guests sift through the shots – and we immediately apologize for the absurd amount of Jack’s silly mug. It’s almost embarrassing.

In any case, they’re a sweet reminder of our every day – from date days downtown, a good game of cards with friends or music in nights in the park. We’ve had a busy, fun August thus far, and we have a few more summer trips on the horizon (our annual anniversary vacation included!), so we hope to give it a good workout in the coming weeks.

The mini, sort-of fuzzy images feel nostalgic, and you really can’t beat holding a photograph. We’d also love to print our Instagram shots (you can follow us @yellowbrickhome) and display those in a cute way, too – this post is a great source, but we’ve yet to try any of those ideas.

How do you stash, store or print your photos? There are many creative ways to do so, but it seems that most of us are guilty of keeping everything in its original, digital form. Aah, how we yearn for the good ol’ days – you know, of ten years ago.

Nope, we weren’t perked in any way for the instant camera love. We just really, really… well, we just love our little Fuji.

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  • Dina8.13.12 - 8:29 AM

    My parents owned a polaroid camera which my brother and I used to fight over. I loved waiting for the film to develop and see what kind of picture I took. This camera looks like it would be a lot of fun.ReplyCancel

  • Jillian8.13.12 - 10:13 AM

    You know me and picture taking, but I WANT ONE! I’ve still got our girls + the babes photo on our fridge. xoxoReplyCancel

  • Ele8.13.12 - 10:20 AM

    Oh my, now I’m totally lemming one of those cameras! Just what I need- between my DSLR and Instagram I’ll be drowning in photos if I add in this ;)ReplyCancel

  • Heather {ModernMealsforTwo}8.13.12 - 10:52 AM

    So this post makes me think (yet again) that we should be real life friends. Hubster LOVES film, grew up shooting film and spent his high school in the dark room, and now uses a digital camera for our photography business because of economics. A few years ago a retro Polaroid gifted by his Grandma re-ignited his love of film. Now we own a ton of vintage polaroids, vintage film cameras and some new, fun toy cameras (including two of these Fujis) ;) There’s something about having an instant image (and not having to edit anything on a computer) that has made photography fun again. I love it because we’re better about documenting our lives and our vacations.ReplyCancel

    • Kim8.13.12 - 11:13 AM

      Jill, our girls + boys were on the fridge for a while ’til we transferred them all to the console vase. Miss you guys!

      Heather, you make a great point – nixing the editing is so spontaneous and fun with this little guy!ReplyCancel

  • Helena8.13.12 - 1:40 PM

    Ooh, I love this! I’m so tempted to get one of those cameras. I’ve recently been messing around with disposable cameras because I love having physical pictures (and, apparently, I hate the earth because disposable cameras are terrible). Perhaps it’s time to upgrade!

    I also love that you keep them displayed. That is perfect!ReplyCancel

  • caroline8.13.12 - 11:57 PM

    something about instant cameras gets to me. I don’t own the instamax but I’ve played with it many times and I guess it’s that perfect sized photo and instant gratification that makes it all that much more fun. & what a smart way to showcase those photos. I have tons of polaroids and izone pictures (remember those?) that just sit in a box. how fun it’d be as a visitor to sit and flip through all those pictures. smart!ReplyCancel

    • Kim8.14.12 - 4:32 PM

      Caroline, oh my gosh, I never had the izone camera, but I remember wanting one! Too funny!ReplyCancel

  • jenn aka the picky girl8.14.12 - 5:44 PM

    This was the only thing I asked for for Christmas this year, and it’s so fun! I keep my photos in a grid under the glass-top Ikea desk I have in my office, but I love that you guys keep them in a container like that. So cool!

    I’ve been meaning to print some of my Instagram photos for months now. I need to get on that.ReplyCancel


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