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In Best of Amazon, we’re uncovering the hidden gems to help you with your day-to-day. This time, we’re sharing All Things Bathroom Design! You can also see our favorite items anytime in our Amazon Shop.

A round up of bathroom design essentials in every budget, and everything is found on Amazon! via Yellow Brick Home
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Since completing the bathroom – the last room to renovate! – at Tree House, you’d think we might, maybe be able to take a break from bath talk. Alas, we’re now diving straight into Two Flat bathroom plans! We’ll have 3 full bathrooms to renovate, all of which we want to feel cohesive, yet unique. (An oxymoron?) It feels like a fun challenge, and we love using our creative muscles to dream up designs that are fresh and classic, with just a touch of quirk.

And since we have all these bathrooms on the brain, we thought it would be fun to share our Best of Amazon bathroom design picks. So today, we’re sharing all the items that have been taking up the tabs on our browsers (and brains, if I’m being honest)!

A round up of bathroom design essentials in every budget, and everything is found on Amazon! via Yellow Brick Home

1. This 3′ tall arched mirror – to add height and softness! – is on our wish list. $93

2. A pair of French-style linen hand towels that get better with every wash. $29

3. A bamboo stool for added comfort while watching the kids play at bath time! $90

4. These clear jars for everything, please. (I love the wood ball topper!) $16

5. An apothecary jar duo for holding your makeup brushes, hair ties and cotton rounds. $25/set of 2

6. This gold tabletop mirror (at 10X magnification!) for added sparkle. $33

7. An accessory set in cool matte black to match your ORB sconce. $24

8. This black and white glazed pot to dress up your pothos that keeps growing and growing. $20

9. A sweet enamelware tray for containing the clutter. $36/set of 2

10. A floating marble shelf to match the marble-everything-else in your home! $60

11. Black marble basketweave tile, a moody take on a classic, is in our shopping cart right now. $11/sq ft.

12. Every lonely sink needs an amber soap pump. (We have at least 4!) $14/set of 2

13. A petite bamboo vanity mirror for checking out the back of your cute ponytail. $15

14. Thick Turkish cotton towels with a ribbed pattern and an almost-5-star rating (with over 800 reviews!). $30/set of 2

15. A handsome champagne bronze robe hook, because you mean business. $19

16. This earthenware planter in sage, so that #8 doesn’t get lonely. $19

17. A scalloped marble tray for displaying your prettiest potions – or even for the kids’ toothpaste and lotions! $24

18. A 1″ thick, 30″ black round mirror for making a statement. $90

19. This machine washable(!) rug that’s so much better than your typical bathmat! $50 for 3×5

20. Or if neutrals are more your thing, this one is also machine washable! price varies

PS: You can see our Chicago master bath renovation here, the pink guest bath here and our Tree House bath right here, if you’d like!

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  • Mara2.21.20 - 5:40 AM

    #19 is what my bathroom has been looking for! Thank you!!!!!ReplyCancel

    • Kim2.21.20 - 8:15 AM

      Isn’t it stunning? Thinking of using it somewhere at the Two Flat!ReplyCancel

  • at home with Ashley2.21.20 - 8:57 AM

    That stool is so good! Oh, the magical land of Amazon.ReplyCancel

  • Emily2.21.20 - 10:14 AM

    The links aren’t working for me — just my issue?ReplyCancel

    • Emily2.21.20 - 10:14 AM

      #19 rug, specificallyReplyCancel

      • Kim2.21.20 - 10:48 AM

        Hmmm, it’s working on my end! Anyone else having issues?ReplyCancel

        • Gen2.22.20 - 7:02 AM

          I can’t get to the rug link either. ReplyCancel

          • Kim2.22.20 - 3:44 PM

            This is so strange, I’m able to click easily. Are you on a desktop or mobile?

  • Betsy2.21.20 - 12:03 PM

    The links all work for me.  If another Amazon box shows up at my doorstep, I think my boyfriend may have me committed for my addiction.  I told him I would “try” and stay away for 2 weeks.   Wish me luck!ReplyCancel

  • Katy2.25.20 - 4:34 PM

    Not at all related to this post, but could you do a round-up of cute wall-mounted mailboxes at some point? I have an old black mailbox and the paint is peeling to the point of embarrassment, but I’m having a hard time finding a replacement that I like the looks of. If you’ve already done this, please point me in the right direction! I searched and didn’t find anything.ReplyCancel

    • Kim2.25.20 - 6:51 PM

      Hi Katy, thank you so much for the suggestion! Hmm, we haven’t done that, because mailboxes in Chicago are really different than other places (ours are usually mounted on gates/fences). Would anyone else be interested in this?!ReplyCancel

  • Johanna Condal3.3.20 - 1:21 PM

    Can you link the gold shelf brackets too?  I love them and in the process of DIY’ing some shelves for my laundry room – these are perfect!ReplyCancel


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