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A warm welcome to Kirsten of Restored Style, a girl after my own heart. With her husband acting as the DIY partner-in-crime, the Oregonian duo tackles projects with a vengeance. That hits a little close to home, no? As a (somewhat) newborn blog (starting in May of this year), Restored Style is a great online design source, and we’re over the moon that she’s here today to share a fun party project, just in time for those looming holidays.

I’m tickled pink to be a guest on Yellow Brick Home, as Kim and Scott have some seeeeeerious style. They certainly don’t mess around when it comes to decorating their killer pad. I think it’s the colors in their home that get me – aren’t they Fun with a capital F?

Anyway, I’m sharing a little DIY project with you all today. No party’s complete without a celebration banner, and I’m happy to report that making your own personalized banner has never been easier. I made this banner for a dear friend’s engagement party. Her wedding colors are yellow and gray and I love how this DIY project lets you select specific colors depending on the occasion as well as the text that goes on the actual banner.

This project is swell because it’s…

a) Simple
b) You can personalize the colors
c) You can personalize the text (and the font too!)

I picked up most of these items at one of my very favorite paper stores – Paper Source. They have everything under the sun when it comes to paper. You could get lost on its online store for hours and hours. Promise.

Here’s the supply list:

1) String of any kind and color
2) Paper Source 5×5 note cards in silver (I cut them individually to the size I wanted) – $4.25 for 25 cards
3) Paper Source 5.5 circle cards in sunshine – $6.00 for 20 cards
4) Neutral pH adhesive (it’s the glue I used, but any glue stick/tape will do)- $5.95
5) Hole punch tool
6) Printed out text from via good ‘ol Microsoft Word

And now for the super simple step-by-step instructions:

1.) Type out your text and carefully select both your font and letter size for your banner. Make sure you give yourself plenty of space between each letter as you’ll need to individually cut out each letter. Print out your letters and carefully cut out each one.

2.) Place your letter on your accent color (it’s silver in this case) and use the pH adhesive to glue the letter to the silver note card.

3.) Next, glue the silver note card to the larger sunshine circle card.

4.) Carefully punch one hole on each side of the letter. Try to punch each hole at the same height so when you go to hang the circles they lay evenly on the string.

5.) Cut the string to the appropriate length and string the circles. Of course, remember you are spelling words when you start stringing…I was so excited to string my letters that I forgot this step, then quickly figured out I wasn’t spelling Katie + Jeremy. Ooops.

6.) Hang and enjoy!

One last thing….this banner works for baby showers, bachelorette parties, birthdays, anniversaries, graduations – any occasion really. And Paper Source honestly has every color in the book (and they ship anywhere) so the options are endless. Thanks again to Kim and Scott for letting me stop by their blog – so fun and thanks again for having me:)!

Thank you, Kirsten!

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  • Emily @ The Happy Home11.11.10 - 1:16 PM

    there was a paper source right next to my college campus. you knew you were the cool kid if you could get a job there!
    i had to “settle” for anthropologie.

    this is such a cute banner! definitely getting used for the holidays this year!ReplyCancel

  • Daniel1.5.11 - 1:07 PM

    This banner looks more artistic if the text are hand-written. Looks good, displaying my own personalized banner. Haha!ReplyCancel


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