A Lovely Weekend

Whether it makes you smile or makes you cringe, there’s no two ways about it – this weekend is for lovers. Blame it on St. Valentine, but I quite enjoy it. Past all the unnecessary hype of the big diamonds, too many flowers, and oodles of chocolate, it can actually be a pretty fun day (psst, Scott: I do love chocolate though). After all, Hallmark holiday or not, you officially have an excuse to do whatever the heck it is you lovebirds do (and if you’re sans lovebird, you have this day to do whatever it is that you want to do. Win-win!). Shoot, take out and a cheap bottle of wine is enough to make my heart go thump, so I think the hubs has it pretty easy. I do believe we celebrated with McDonald’s one year. And I do remember it was awesome.

This year, we’re spending Cupid’s holiday at the most romantic place on the planet. The Igloo! For those of you who may not know us personally, you’re about to learn what makes both our hearts go pitter patter: hockey. Specifically, Penguins hockey. It’s close to a sickness, really. (Did I mention they were the Stanley Cup champs last year? Oh. They were.)

We’ll be hanging with my family this weekend in the Steel City, and yes, I was able to wrangle a few of my dad’s season tickets for this oh-so-special holiday. As a bonus, we’ll have two great freinds in tow to attend their first match-up at the Mellon Arena. Boy, are they in for a treat. I don’t mean to speak prematurely, but I do think that Cupid did well this year. (Thanks, Dad!)

Have a happy weekend, all. And a big ol’ kiss from us to you.

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