A Christma-versary Tradition

When we honeymooned two Novembers ago, the wife and I made an iron-clad pact to spend each subsequent anniversary away from home. We’re not big souvenir collectors around here, but when we spent our first year celebrating in Nashville, we found the ultimate memento in this Christmas ornament.

It seemed we were on to something. And then we had our a-HA moment: find a symbolic ornament in each new anniversary destination and chronicle our yearly travels with pint-sized baubles. Lucky for us, our annual trips fall during the first and second weeks in November, so it’s right around the time stores are beginning to hawk their holiday wares. Of course, this year was no exception when we spotted this too cute polar bear during our day trip to the San Diego Zoo.

And using a fine point Sharpie, we took an extra minute to note the anniversary and year.

With all this talk of ornaments, you might be wondering what our tree ended up looking like this year. We were a bit later than usual getting our holiday affairs in order, but we finally got around to putting up the tree and kicking out the Christmas jams last Monday. Here she is in all her simple glory.

So, spill it friends: what are your holiday traditions? Anything unique or particularly embarrassing to share, or is everyone on the straight and narrow? We’d love to hear about it!

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  • RocketGirl12.13.10 - 10:37 AM

    Fairly on the straight-and-narrow here, but I’ll bet my daughter will eventually find my new tradition of hanging her Santa photos as ornaments terribly embarrassing.ReplyCancel

  • Kasey at Thrifty Little Blog12.13.10 - 10:48 AM

    We’re trying to do the yearly ornament thing too. Last year we found the perfect ornament in North Carolina, but we didn’t go on any trips this year so I’ll probably end up making something symbolic of a big event.ReplyCancel

  • Andrea B12.13.10 - 11:40 AM

    Yay for Nashville boots! Though, honestly, I know very few Nashvillians who actually wear them, it still is a very good memento. :)

    The polar bear is too cute. Seriously. That’s adorableness in ornament form.

    My husband and I are celebrating our first Christmas as a married couple, and we thought ahead by buying some ornaments for this occasion on half-off last year after the holidays were over. Despite that, we still can’t find a “first Christmas” ornament we really like, so we may copy your Sharpie idea and just find one that represents our first year.ReplyCancel

  • Rachael12.13.10 - 12:03 PM

    That’s a neat tradition! We decorated our tree this weekend as well. Since we have collected so many cat-themed ornaments, our kitties even got a small tree of their own this year!ReplyCancel

  • Kristina12.13.10 - 12:16 PM

    The boot is too cute!

    I always grab an ornament when we are on vaca and it’s fun to take a trip down memory lane when decorating the tree.

    This year we were over in Navy Pier and I grabbed a Chicago one – a nutcracker with a schnauzer head (my pooch). It’s all kinds of kooky, but completely adorable.ReplyCancel

  • Kelly12.13.10 - 12:53 PM

    It looks great!! We also collect ornaments from every place we visit and re-discovering them and reminiscing each year is my favorite part of putting up the tree! I need to get in gear and make an ornament for Corbin’s 1st Christmas!ReplyCancel

  • Ann12.14.10 - 11:20 AM

    Our tradition of having you home and drinking hot buttered rum and eating shortbread cannot be beat!ReplyCancel

  • Daniel12.23.10 - 1:29 AM

    Ormaments huh? That’s very cool! What I do however is collect fridge magnets from all the spots in the world that I’ve travelled at. I think I have about 20 magnets on my fridge. Haha! nice hobby!ReplyCancel


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