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5 Ways We Designed Our Bathroom For the Whole Family

These are the 5 sneaky ways we implemented family-friendly design into our recent bathroom renovation.

A father and toddler wash their hands together in a large basin sink in a tan and green bathroom // via Yellow Brick Home
sink | faucets | medicine cabinet

This post is sponsored by Lowe’s.

The design of our recently revealed Tree House bathroom had to serve many purposes for many people. We’re a family of three with two big dogs and frequent visiting guests, but we won’t be the only people using the bathroom. Beginning this spring(!), the space will need to work for families of all sizes when we begin renting it as a short term rental when while we’re away. To keep this room comfortable and functional, we worked with our friends at Lowe’s to design a family-friendly space that works hard and looks great doing it!

1| Large Basin Sink for Multiple Users

A mother and daughter wash their hands together in a large white basin sink in a tan and green bathroom.// via Yellow Brick Home
sink | faucets | tile | sconces | medicine cabinet | toilet | wall tile

As we’ve mentioned before, the Brockway sink from Kohler informed nearly all of the decisions we made for this bathroom renovation. (Remember when this room had a single vanity?) This is the only bathroom in our Michigan Tree House, so we knew we’d need it to be able to accommodate use by multiple people at once. The large basin sink allows two people to simultaneously brush their teeth before bed or wash their hands before dinner, but you could certainly squeeze in a third!

A toddler stands on tip toes on a step stool in a green and tan bathroom // via Yellow Brick Home
 penny tile

Lucy quickly learned that the step stools under the sink were for her, and she couldn’t have been more excited to be able to wash her hands all by herself! We can’t help but to envision the day that Lucy invites a friend to come to Michigan for her first Tree House sleepover. Two little kiddos brushing their teeth together before bed just might will be enough to make our hearts explode!

2| A Triple Door Medicine Cabinet for Tons of Storage

A GIF shows large mirrored medicine cabinet doors opening and closing in a green and tan bathroom // via Yellow Brick Home
medicine cabinet | sconces | wall tile | beadboard is Sherwin Williams Anew Gray

Our 40″ Kohler Verdera medicine cabinet offers a massive amount of storage that allows for all of our family’s essentials. Each section is mirrored inside and out, which makes for spacious storage – and checking out your hair from all angles!

The small section on the left holds big bottles of outdoor essentials like sunscreen, bug spray and dog shampoo. The large middle section holds our toothbrushes, toothpaste, aspirin and similar items. The small section on the right will be left intentionally open for short-term renters that prefer to unpack toiletries into their own space during their stay. The blend of functionality for us and for our future guests feels like the perfect use of space!

3| A Complete Shower System With Handheld Sprayer

A stocky brown pitbull mix dog is bathed with a bronze shower wand // via Yellow Brick Home
handheld sprayer | bottles | shower fixtures

Our outdoor adventures in Michigan can get a little… messy sometimes. Hiking trails and pumpkin patches are often muddy in the spring and fall. Deep, slushy snow is common in the winter months. During the summer, sand seems to find its way into everything – and I mean everything – we touch. Throw an active toddler and two 60 lb. dogs into the mix, and it’s easy to see why an upgraded shower system with a sprayer was a necessary addition to the renovation!

A stocky brown pitbull mix dog is bathed with a bronze shower wand // via Yellow Brick Home
handheld sprayer | bottles | shower fixtures | wall tile

To make sure we could all get cleaned up easily after a long day of playing outside, we landed on the Delta Trinsic shower system with a handheld sprayer. The champagne bronze color is a beautiful brushed matte finish, with a tone landing somewhere between, brass, bronze and gold. It plays nicely with the stacked white tile and the other metallic finishes in the room, and CC sure appreciates the gentle spray of the handheld. It’s a huge upgrade from her past Tree House baths, in which we used a plastic party cup to wet her down and rinse her off!

4| Hooks, Hooks, Hooks!

Beige towels hang on six wooden towel hooks integrated into a beadboard wall // via Yellow Brick Home
brass numbers | towels | first aid cabinet | beadboard is Sherwin Williams Anew Gray

We outlined the details of our beadboard wall with towel hooks recently, but it’s worth noting again that everything from the quantity of hooks, to the brass number plate was designed around a family (or group) of 6 sharing the space. File this necessity under an Easy Upgrade and one that you can tackle this evening!

A beige towel hangs on a bronze hook on a white tiled wall // via Yellow Brick Home
shower hook | shower curtain | wall tile

In addition to the peg hooks that we integrated into the beadboard wall, we also installed Trinsic hook from Delta on the wall just outside the shower curtain. The placement of the hook allows the person using the shower to retain full privacy and grab their towel by simply reaching outside the curtain. It also helps to keep water from dripping all over the floor while tracking down a clean towel!

5| Lighting Options for Every Need

A GIF displays multiple lighting options in a tan and green bathroom // via Yellow Brick Home
cast iron sink | penny tile | toilet | shower curtain | wall tile

Lighting is one of the most important aspects of any space, and having multiple lighting options based on necessity and time of day is always appreciated. In no particular order, each of the following lighting options operates on its own switch:

When a friend recently visited our Chicago home (which has a very similar lighting setup), he came out of the bathroom and said I say this from a place of love, but you have entirely too many switches in there! Ha! Even still, we’ll always be able to achieve perfect lighting at any time of day. There are six switches in this bathroom, but the functions become muscle memory after a weekend of use. We promise it’s worth the effort!

Honorable Mention| Heated Floors for Cozy Comfort

A toddler on her tip toes washes her hands in a large basin sink in a tan and green bathroom // via Yellow Brick Home
sink | faucets | tile | sconces | medicine cabinet | toilet | wall tile

A star player in this renovation is easily the penny tile heated tile floors that will keep this space cozy through the coldest Michigan winters. Our favorite contractor basically insisted that we install the heating elements under the tiles, and we can’t thank him enough. With the exception of the thermostat, they’re completely invisible, but man! can you feel the difference. We like to keep ours set to a toasty 88-degrees while we’re there, but we can set it to schedule while we’re away.

This bathroom came together exactly as we hoped, and after spending two long weekends at Tree House, we found that it suits our needs perfectly! Regardless of style or necessity, these tips can be integrated into almost any bathroom design to keep it looking and functioning great.

PS… You can see our bathroom mood board right here and the full reveal here!

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  • Lauren H1.27.20 - 7:02 AM

    Tips on finding waste covers and drain stoppers in some of the newer finishes?  My husband and I are getting ready to redo our bathroom later this year.  We’ll be using a contractor but picking out and buying all of the hardware, etc. ourselves.  Our finishes are venetian bronze — which you wouldn’t think would be that tricky to find, however for those minor items, the selection seems to be extremely limited.  (FWIW, we’re also going with Delta.)
    Also I’ve never used a toe operated drain stopper before but it seems like that is most of what’s out there.  Based on pictures I think that’s what you guys have too.  Any advice or suggestions are greatly appreciated. :)ReplyCancel

    • Kim1.27.20 - 8:15 AM

      This is our first time operated drain cover, and at first it confused us… but now we love how simple it is! As for the overflow and drain covers, you can find those directly from Delta is you’re having trouble sourcing them from stores. At the very least, you can find the Delta part number and search on Lowe’s to find the exact part you need! That’s what we did. And if that still doesn’t work, Delta customer service is awesome.ReplyCancel

  • SG1.27.20 - 8:22 AM

    Those pictures of Lucy at the sink SLAY ME every time!!

    CCs face in the tub is a close second though!! <3ReplyCancel

  • at home with Ashley1.27.20 - 8:25 AM

    I love reading how much you thought this bathroom out! It makes all the difference when a space really fits you and your needs. PS so jealous of the heated floors!ReplyCancel

    • Kim1.27.20 - 8:35 AM

      With our bathroom being above a crawl space, I can’t imagine this space without them. They’ve made a massive difference that’s as important as anything visual!ReplyCancel

  • Paige Cassandra Flamm1.27.20 - 4:49 PM

    I love the fixtures in your tub! They’re beautiful!

  • Suzanne1.27.20 - 9:19 PM

    How did you decide whether to use an acrylic or cast iron tub?ReplyCancel

    • Kim1.27.20 - 9:38 PM

      Cast iron lasts a lifetime if you treat it well.ReplyCancel

      • Suzanne2.16.20 - 6:46 PM

        Is your tub a Kohler Bellwether?ReplyCancel

        • Kim2.16.20 - 8:46 PM
          • Suzanne2.16.20 - 10:11 PM

            I just ordered one! Thanks for the guidance!

  • Sheila1.28.20 - 8:58 AM

    I’d love to see how you handled all those switches. Also, the outlets for shavers, hair dryer, electric toothbrushes – and for me, a bathroom Sonos speaker is a must!  I ended up putting labels on the switches for guests as they were often turning on the heat instead of the fan and creating a sauna!  ReplyCancel

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