30 Whimsical Lights for Kids and Adults Alike!

A round up of whimsical lighting for ceilings and walls that kids and adults will enjoy!

A pulled back view of a loft bed with purple walls | Lighting round up for kids and adults! | via Yellow Brick Home
ceiling light | sconces | faux fur | unicorn sheets

In searching for the just-right, unicorn-ish, magical light fixture for Lucy’s big girl room, I can guarantee you that I’ve seen them ALL. I polled and consulted friends (Ashley gave me the tip to use the key word ‘scalloped’), sent a dozen links to Scott over several weeks and had 10 carts across 10 sites with a single light fixture in it.

I suppose my biggest problem was determining what classified as unicorn-ish. I wanted whimsy. I wanted playfulness. I wanted her to be able to grow with it. And I needed to coordinate a light fixture with her bunk bed sconces – and this big butterfly, because once I saw it, there was no going back, ha! But my general rule of thumb was curves, organic shapes and sparkle. I also had to be mindful about the shape of her room (which is awkwardly shaped at barely 7′ wide x 15′ long), so I wanted a light that could illuminate all corners of the room.

Sphere & Stem Globe light on purple ceiling with blue velvet curtains | via Yellow Brick Home
linear ceiling light | butterfly sconce | curtains

One hundred hours into my hunt (wish I was kidding, but I’m an over-researcher to the core), a light bulb went off. I thought, if this a problem I’m having, some of you may be having it, too! And so right then and there, I made this VERY note in my phone to round up the favorites that almost made the cut. You know now that we landed on linear ‘clouds’ (as Lucy likes to call them), flower sconces and a big butterfly, which strikes we think strikes a whimsical, youthful and functional balance. Our final choices are all nature-inspired, which felt perfectly unicorn-y to me, but more importantly, to Lucy!

Butterly wall sconce on a purple wall (from PB Kids) | via Yellow Brick Home
butterfly sconce

From stars to scallops, ceiling or sconce, I’m sharing the ones that caught my eye below!

30 whimsical lights for kids and adults alike! via Yellow Brick Home

1. sphere & stem, $699 | 2. pink single pendant, $47 | 3. suzette ceiling mount, $329 | 4. lotus flower, $399 | 5. ariel fluted marble, $349 | 6. paige 9 light, $1,486 | 7. lydia flush mount, $164 | 8. luna star, $329 | 9. acrylic flower, $199 | 10. jasmine, $249 | 11. blossom, $448 | 12. lily, $179 | 13. frosted star, $185 | 14. glam, $424 | 15. arc, $359 | 16. francesca, $419 | 17. baird, $239 | 18. golden flowers, $66 | 19. flower drum, $562

30 whimsical lights for kids and adults alike! via Yellow Brick Home

20. flower sconce, $70 | 21. butterfly, $149 | 22. larkspur, $368 | 23. piper, $228 | 24. pink linework, $119 | 25. edie, $129 | 26. blossom, $198 | 27. harriet, $188 | 28. vintage flower, $140 | 29. brass star, $43 | 30. nordic,$69

PS: We love lighting! Here’s a big list of lighting that works well together in an open concept home, this is all the classic lighting we used in our Two Flat renovation, and here’s a round up of animal themed lighting for the kid in us all.

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  • Jennifer Laura3.21.22 - 12:27 PM

    Love these, such great options! Will have to bookmark this for the next time I’m shopping! ReplyCancel

  • Julie3.22.22 - 11:47 AM

    I love the clouds! And the arc would have been cool too, but how to pick just one!?!ReplyCancel

    • Kim3.23.22 - 11:29 AM

      Time to swap out all the lights in our home, haha (JK)ReplyCancel


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