3 Ways the BISSELL ICONpet EDGE Has Made Cleaning Easier

Kim uses the BISSELL® ICONpet® EDGE to vacuum the family while Catfish looks on in admiration.

The two youngest members of our family are our almost 4 year-old daughter and our 60 pound shed-happy dog, Catfish. Between the two adults and two smaller residents of our home, things can go from tidy to umm… not so tidy in an instant! We do our best to keep up with cleaning tasks but life gets busy and time is in short supply. Finding the time to clean is obviously a huge part of the process, but having the right tools for the job helps to maximize that time and keep cleaning as efficient as possible. Enter the BISSELL® ICONpet® EDGE rechargeable stick vacuum to save the day!

This post is in partnership with our friends at BISSELL®. Today we’re sharing how the BISSELL® ICONpet® EDGE cordless vacuum has made cleaning our home more efficient and fun!

We’ve been huge fans of BISSELL for years and the ICONpet EDGE is one of their most advanced stick vacuums to date. We could go on about why we love it for days, but these are a few of our favorite features of this powerful tool:

1| LED Headlights

Have you ever glanced around and thought your home looked pretty clean only to have a space illuminated by shifting daylight and realize that it’s actually covered in pet hair? Yeah. Us too! Catfish has fine white medium-length hair. We love that it makes her one of the softest dogs ever, but her fur also tends to collect in nearly-invisible dust bunnies around the house. They roll along baseboards, under furniture and into dark corners, but they’re no match for these lighted tools!

Scott uses the BISSELL® ICONpet® EDGE to clean under the media cabinet while Catfish snoozes on the couch.

The headlights on the vacuum head, TurboBrush® tool and even the combo crevice tool/dusting brush light the way to illuminate the most hidden of messes. Catfish’s dust bunnies and Lucy’s dropped bits of cereal can’t hide in the dark corners of our home any longer!

2| TurboBrush® Tool

The TurboBrush® tool is an absolute game changer for upholstery and other above-the-floor cleaning. It performs similarly to the main pivoting vacuum head, but with a compact fixed design that removes pet hair from our furniture in a snap.

Scott uses the BISSELL® ICONpet® EDGE to clean our velvet family room sofa.

Is a velvet sofa truly clean if it isn’t covered in fresh vacuum marks? Maybe, but the TurboBrush sure leaves our sofa looking great! It’s compact and maneuverable, and the LED lights that we mentioned earlier help to illuminate crumbs and tiny bits of dirt!

Scott uses the BISSELL® ICONpet® EDGE to clean our velvet mushroom sofa.

3| Dual Use as a Stick Or Handheld Vacuum

The ICONpet EDGE is one of the most versatile cleaning tools we’ve ever used. The three different cleaning heads can all be used with or without the extension tube to create a true dual-use vacuum. It’s like having both a stick vacuum and a handheld vacuum in one! Since we’ve been using it, the extension tube has helped us clean up ceiling corners, fuzz balls from the tops of our curtains and even the blades of our ceiling fan without a ladder.

Scott uses the BISSELL® ICONpet® EDGE with the extension tube to clean our bedroom curtains.

Handheld mode is great for crumbs between sofa cushions, vacuuming stairs and tidying up the cushions and throw pillows in all areas of our home. The vacuum is compact and portable, but it still packs all the power we need for household messes.

Kim uses the BISSELL® ICONpet® EDGE to vacuum our stair runner.

Bonus Round!

On top of all these great features, the rechargeable battery lasts up to 50 minutes depending on your mode and usage to keep cleaning momentum going. There’s also an included wall-mounted charging station with docking spots for the smaller cleaning tools. BISSELL has literally thought of everything! The ICONpet EDGE would make a great gift for the pet lover in your life or for any active household. In addition to cleaning up messes, BISSELL proudly supports BISSELL Pet Foundation® and its mission to help save homeless pets – like our rescue pup, Catfish!

Scott uses the BISSELL® ICONpet® EDGE vacuum too clean the rug in the snug.

A huge thank you to our friends at BISSELL! We truly appreciate our many years of partnership. And as always, thanks to all of you for supporting the brands that support our own small business. We couldn’t do it without you!

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